What's in the box!

Yeah…I’m good on amps I think ! :laughing: I haven’t really had time to listen much to the Envy yet…enough to know it sounds great though. Tubes are still chiming and ringing…so still burning in.

As far as the Folkvangr, I really like it too but haven’t spent enough time with it either to really settle in…been picking up new gear too quickly. I still have more tubes coming in to roll with it. So I’m definitely not done with it yet.

My initial thoughts are that they might offer different enough flavors that I would keep both. Maybe a second setup for downstairs?… we’ll see.

Time to settle down now and just enjoy the :notes::musical_note::notes:


…and congrats on the new cans!!


Yes…those or Elrogs….or both most likely. Need to rest on spending for a bit first😬

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Awe Man. You’re doing so well. Just one small bit of advice. Patience. :slight_smile:
Let the tubes settle in and don’t be so quick to roll. Put some solid hrs on those amps. I expect a full report from you in 1 month. Lol.

You are in such a great position to hear those terrific amps build character. Tubes to me, are better than any form of EQ’ing. Just my opinion. :wink:


Yes, totally stoked!!

My DAC is the Bifrost 2/64 and is my next upgrade. I’ve decided on the May but that will have to wait till next year.


I mowed through 6 or 7 open-back planars over the past 4-5 years, trying to find the perfect tuning for my tastes. The Final D8000 stopped that search–it’s the one.

I have multiple DACs and amps, and I’m getting very fine sound out of this headphone on most of them. It’s a planar, so it appreciates lots of power but is hardly a power-hog like my ZMF Ori (another excellent planar).

This is a rather neutral, accurate sound, but it’s not forensic, edgy, lifeless, harmonically thin, or any of the things I often hear from headphones that bring detail and accuracy. It has a slightly warm & musical sound.

I upgraded the stock D8K pads to the Pro’s “G” pads, and this improved the sound. I also installed a leather suspension underband, with the help of a friend.

The D8000 is a keeper. I’m hoping that someday soon I’ll be able to compare it to ZMF’s new planar, the Caldera, which automatically interests me (because it’s a ZMF, and it’s a planar).


New (to me) gear Friday!
FTA Callisto USB cable and Woo Audio WA33 with a Takatsuki 274b. Weekend is going to be awesome.


Awesome!! Congrats…again !! :wink: Finally heard one at Canjam and it was fantastic. Look forward to hearing how it is with that dac of yours.


Congrats! That is a dope setup.


I decided to go a different route than the Bifrost 2/64 and instead bought a Gungnir Multibit. I picked it up from the local FedEx store pretty late in the day on Friday so I had to wait until Saturday to unbox it:

Box is about twice the size of that which the medium Schiit components ship in.

In addition to the foam pieces on either end, there’s another one in the center.

I think the red dot is to warn you that there’s a BNC connector there.

Unboxed in all its glory with the Ship Canal Bridge and the Space Needle in the background.

Artsy black and white photography just because.

I hooked it up to my Lyr+ and RebelAmp (my two office amps), and first impressions are promising with the LCD-X (2021 rev). Bifrost 2 (OG) is going home to join the Asgard 3, leaving the Modius in danger of relegation to the Buy & Sell section. Jotunheim 2 is in limbo as well.

Thank god that I don’t have any headphones (that I know of) that will play nice with the Fólkvangr,


That can be easily fixed :laughing:


I know, that’s my worry! There are report of the LCD-2 working with it with the impedance multiplier circuit engaged. :sweat_smile:

I’m happy with the Lyr+ and RebelAmp so adding the Folkvangr would be primarily a $2,000 FOMO / cool-thing-that-runs-warm purchase (after shipping and tax). That being said, it’s a bit of a limited run item and I could probably sell off the majority of my other office DACs/Amps (Lyr+, RebelAmp, Jot 2, Modius) if it proves to be worth it. If not, well, I’m sure somebody else has a case of FOMO and wouldn’t mind it.

But for now, I’m doing my best to ignore those thoughts and focusing on enjoying the music. :headphones: :notes:



Fancied a new DAC for the second system and this was very reasonably priced (£165)


That’s some big Schiit!


Hope you enjoy your Gumby, I can’t imagine you won’t! You’ve got a pretty sweet setup going now :+1: :sunglasses:

I’ll be curious what you notice going from Bifrost to Gumby… I got a Yggy OG as an upgrade from BF2, and it is a noticeable and significant improvement. The noise floor is less, greater detail and definition, sweet sounding mids, better bass control and extension, and quite a bit better soundstage vs BF2, at least to my ear

But in fairness to BF2, it gets you probably 70-80% of what the Yggy does, which really speaks to what a great DAC and value the BF2 is.

After you’ve had some time love to hear how you’re liking it, and how it pairs with your amps.



Because the LYR+ has two sets of inputs, I was thinking about comparing the two DACs - I’m just waiting on a couple of USB-B to USB-C cables so I can simply the connection to my iPad Pro. I’m pretty sure I’ll like both pairings, it’s just a question of which I’ll like more. This doesn’t even factor in the stack of headphones I have on my desk (HD6XX, Sundara [2020], Elegia, LCD-2 [2022], and LCD-X [2021]). I have a spreadsheet with a tab for each DAC + HPA combinations (songs are rows, headphones are columns) to record my thoughts as I’m rubbish at quick AB testing.



This has been backordered for years, selling for ridiculous prices on discogs, but just finally repressed & repackaged and finally MINE. Buy now or cry later; they will not likely be reissuing this again in the next 10-15 years.

Also, I finally scored a NM copy of Evans’s “Another Time (The Hilversum Concert)” (RSD 2017) at a semi-reasonable price. Been chasing this one for a long time. :smiley:


It feels good to finally get something you’ve wanted, the longer the wait the better. Congratulations & Enjoy!

Mark Gosdin


It’s finally here! One of the last pieces of the puzzle to squeeze those final bits.

Now I really need a bigger rack!


Sexy. Tube p0rn is my favorite kind. Is that weird? :wink: lol

I bet that ZMF sounds incredible on EC. Congrats!