What's in the box!

That’s a special order option only… :laughing:

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I placed the order on the 11th, got a tracking number on the 13th, and it arrived on the 21st.

No duties.

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Thanks for all that, good to know.

Looking back I also actually placed my order on the 11th… Boo. I hope it ships early this week :+1:
I emailed Vitalii earlier today, and he said it should leave Poland in the next few days and not to worry.

I’m not in a position to evaluate it critically. I purchased it as my last solid-state HP amp, and as such I wanted something that would drive any planar magnetic or dynamic driver headphones I might ever have. The audio chain at the moment is, uh, interesting. I’m using it at my work desk with a couple of low-end USB DACs (Schiit Modi 3+ and Emotive Big Ego+). Headphones are Senn/Drop HD6XX.

That said, even with the el-cheapo DACs and headphones that cost less than 20% of the amp price, the difference between the Flux and the previous JDS Labs EL Amp II is noticeable (and the JDS is not a bad amp at all). Instruments are more clearly delineated (more sense of space), bass is tighter and deeper, and everything seems to have more “flesh on the bones.” I’m listening to the Reiner / Chicago “Schéhérazade” as I write. I know the recording pretty well, and it now sounds good enough to distract me from writing and just sit back and listen.

It’s weird but the 6XX sound different enough that I’m considering tweaking the EQ settings.

Operationally, I’ve had it on medium gain for several hours and it’s only warm to the touch. Warmer where the vents are, of course, but nowhere near what I would call “hot.” You probably already expect this, but you can hear the relays click when you adjust the volume though the knob has no detents and you don’t feel it.

Hope you get yours soon.


Unobtainum has arrived. Exploring estats is one of my goals for 2023. You can imagine how happy I was when this showed up on head-fi. Now to find myself some headphones…


Nice pick-up; that’s a very rare unit in that condition now that it’s not in production.

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