What's in the box!

Which Diana is this, the newest TC?

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V2. Based on some people I’ve talked to this would fit my taste. It’s on the warmer side, which I like. I’d like to hear the Diana TC but that price haha.

Woo Audio WA23 Luna in the house.


Wow, congratulations! This is one of my favorite amps I’ve ever heard. Enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Now I understand you selling the LTA amp… :wink:

Lol yeah. I ended up pulling that ad. Think I’m going to keep both for a while. Maybe until the HM1 arrives. Also want to keep the estats dream alive.
The WA23 is truly amazing though. Left a lasting impression on me at canjam I couldn’t resist.


Oh my. And I thought I had it good with the WA 22. :crazy_face:

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I’ve owned both the WA22 and the WA33 in the past and the 22 definitely punches above its weight and is worth every dollar. The 2nd gen with the preamp capabilities is also very versatile. I really liked it!

Well I am excited for you because of that design and build quality. Presentation is just immense for drawing you in atmospherically for a listening experience.
I definitely love my WA 22 and don’t take it for granted, but the WA 23 has a better look. It is outstanding.

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I know the Diana v2 doesn’t always get the love it deserves but for me it is sublime.


Big fan of Naim. I owned the original NAIT back in the late 80s! Bulletproof, and incredible sounding.


Thanks headphones.com team! Fast shipping as always :ok_hand:


Wow, congratulations, that’s got to be one of the most beautiful, elegant designs I’ve ever seen! Such a cool looking amp. :+1:


Actually forgot to post this too. Had this for awhile but only now just plugged it into the system. Box wasn’t picture worthy lol…


Done: Bottlehead Crack OTL AMP (Kit/DIY) - Official Thread - #376 by ericrosenfield

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May the battle of large power boxes begin!

On first listen, there is definitely a difference, and there is definitely no run away winner. I’m going to let the Niagara burn in a bit and play with some cable configurations and report back in the appropriate thread.


Nice, what power cord do you got going into the Niagara and P3?

If you end up liking the Niagara, pony up for the 5000, it’s basically as good as the 7000 in most applications and the best ‘value’ in their lineup, if that’s even a thing lol.


Forgot to post this over the weekend. The Sennheiser packaging has really gone down hill, but oh that sweet sweet timbre of a 600 series Senny!

My 650s are now my brothers. He’s quite happy.


The Niagara sounds best with an AQ Tornado going from wall to Niagara. The PowerPlant sounds (by far) the best with a Common Ground Whisper going from wall to PowerPlant.

I was pretty much told this exact thing, but about the 3000. I have to stop somewhere… :weary:


There are exactly three headphones in my collection, of which for various reasons I already have the second or third since the respective models were launched.

The DT 800 with 600 ohms, the Koss KSC75 with headband mod, and of course the HD600 with various tube amplifiers.

All milestones of the respective era and still excellent-sounding headphones until today.