What's in the box!

Awesome! I think I was talking with you on Headfi about it, glad to see you’re enjoying it. It’s def as impactful (if not more) as any amp/dac upgrades. Shunyata is world class.


Awesome!! Happy for you and look forward to hear what you think. :notes::notes::notes::notes:


Got a new stand to put my gear on. Here’s a couple of new pieces decorating the stand


Ooh, how do you like your la scala?

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It’s pretty incredible. The best R2R Dac I’ve heard and I had May KTE. Detail monster and insane (yet balanced) sub bass. It’s my endgame DAC (for now lol!) It really pairs well with the Aficionado which is just f*cking old school “tubey” musical.


Aqua Acoustic gear is very musical, among the finest in the world. The designer understand digital technology inside out. I have the ‘La Voce’ model and couldn’t be happier. Made in Italy according to the highest standards, each of their products is a winning proposition. High-end audio without compromise.

Yes, quality power cords do matter… it isn’t a marketing trick.

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Got in my Hifi Rose 150b this week and it really is an impressive piece of kit. Easy setup but so many features and means to enjoy your music through.

Just waiting on my z10 to arrive later this month and fill the open shelf in the rack.


Woohoo! Club Utopia! Welcome :grin:

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First tube amp. Crack w/ Speedball


Nice. Is there a build story to go along with the pic?


Woohoo! Congrats - you picked an AWESOME first tube amp! What headphones are you using with them? Godspeed on your tube rolling adventures.

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Once upon a time some Canadian guy built a Bottlehead Crack and then sold it to me. The end.


I’d actually been intimidated because I don’t know how to build anything, and when I looked on eBay I saw built Crack’s going for $1k or more. But someone clued me that I could find more reasonable prices elsewhere, and I ended up on US Audio Mart which lead me to Canuck Audio Mart where I was able to find it fully built for the equivilent of $500 including shipping.


Right now the HD6XX. I broke my HD800S which is a whole other story and I need to get them fixed. I also may have a ZMF thing coming, and then I feel like I might be done. (I know, I know.)

Anyway these things are shockingly good on the 6XX, like I didn’t know they could sound like this and it makes me understand how people could say the 6XX is endgame.


Please elaborate in the Crack thread.

I personally never liked the 6XX on anything other than an OTL amp – OTL is transformative. Still, I use my Beyer DT-880 600 ohm and HD 800 S more than the 6XX on the Crack.


New delivery from Auditorium just arrived :smiley:


A very good, stylish and minimalist all-in-one solution that harmonises perfectly with Focal headphones and the Sennheiser HD800s.



Thanks Lothar

I have been listening with my HD 800S for most of the day and I really like the sound and the flexibility that this unit gives me! :smiley:

I will be setting up a listening station with the Atom HE in the living room, for when I just want to relax and be away from the computer / office, where my regular headphone amp is located :smiley:


More goodies from Aliexpress.


Initial impression are it’s pretty solid. Especially at its sale price. No way I’d pay 3.5k lol. I think it needs burn in time. Bass pads are cool but I don’t mind reg pads either. It’ll be interesting to see how it changes and how my ears change/adjust over time with it.

Definitely a cool and unique build. Same with the packaging. Gonna go shave now :woozy_face: