What's in the box!

Linnenberg satie is my primary dac

Nice! This is a completely different flavor of dac from something like that.


Welcome to club blue, @jthvac! And congratulations! So pumped for you :smile:


“I may be old, but I got to see all the great bands!” :grin:


You’rrrreeee ggggrrrooounded!!!
Oh yes, I am.


Got my Viking Weave hybrid cable for Susvara with adapters for He-6 and Hd800s.

Apart from the debate about whether cables make a difference, the quality of material, feel and aesthetic alone are worth it to me. (Plus it sounds better :laughing: )

It’s nice to be able to just leave the pigtails in my different headphones. Makes switching easy without the wear of plugging and unplugging the headphones themselves. Plan on getting them for all my sets and just have the one cable. Sebastian makes some awesome cables!


Very nice, congratulations!

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Not to mention the packaging. With packaging like that, I’m guessing that soon we will see reviews comparing the sound of a cable delivered in fancy packaging, compared to the obviously inferior sound of the same cable delivered in a generic UPS or USPS box or packet.


Upgrading from a schiit heresy. 2x the power and xlr connections.
now the hunt for a topping d30 pro, guess they don’t make them anymore. :worried:



Arctic Talos v2.

Wow, what a beautiful cable! Plus Roy there was super helpful in choosing which cable and keeping it in my budget. Thanks to everyone who recommended them :+1:

Black Lemo, titanium carbon splitter, Furutech XLR. Burn-in time next…


Lol….I like how nonchalantly you present your new amp!!! :star_struck::exploding_head::face_with_spiral_eyes::+1: Congratulations and do tell us what you think when you’ve had some time with it !!
Considering all the great amps you’ve had I’d love to hear how it compares for you!



Oh my. :flushed:
Wow. I think you hit the ceiling with this one. :grin:

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Thanks! I actually prefer my Riviera AIC10-BAL and am still waiting on a Mass Kobo 465 to ship but last few days with HM1 gave me a new appreciation for solid states and it’s been great.


Adapters? What’s TP?

Well give it some more time and play around with the sophisticated Crossfeed options while utilizing the Class A to Class AB mode options.

By the way. So far. Which do you prefer on the HMS-1? Class A or A/B or is the difference negligible?
Thanks in advance.

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This came yesterday, I am so impressed so far!

I got this to toss in my laptop bag, or iPad bag.

I don’t have any “great” IEMs, but the Campfire Mammoth sounds pretty great with it, better than I’ve ever heard it. Also, I tried my Focal Clears with it for fun, as they are super efficient. Wow! plenty of power, and this little sucker is very impressive with them! Very resolving. This punches WAY above its weight price-wise.

I suspect it will sound better with some burn in. The picture of it next to Magni is to give an idea of how small it is too. I can’t help but think it’s a very viable alternative to any Magni/Modi stack, plus it’s portable. It’s obviously not as powerful though.

Definitely recommend. :+1:


Picked up the MR recently. Had to know how it compared to the V2. I primarily use the abyss with my mojo2 but wanted to see how well it’ll scale with the MJ3 and eventually the DNA. Very pleased so far.