What's in the box!

End game power cable came in today. “Whisper Elite” from Duncan at Common Ground Cables

I could wax poetic about the sound stage depth and openness and blackness of background, but more than anything, this sucker makes everything flow more organically and naturally than I thought possible. Masterful work, and a very worthwhile upgrade for getting the most of a system.


Awesome! A good power cord is very much a component level upgrade. Do I see 2 in your setup, 1 from the amp and 1 into the wall?

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It is with a heavy heart that I agree. I wish it weren’t so. And these are definitely component-grade upgrades. I have an Audioquest Hurricane (which, to be clear, is very good), but this Whisper is a meaningful step up from that.

That’s right. I’ve had the first from the PS Audio Stellar Powerplant to the wall for a while and it was so good, I saved up to get two more for my Stellaris and DAVE. One more is en route…


Have you tried the Whisper on the Dave instead of the Amp first? In my system, upgrading the power cord on my DAC yields a greater overall improvement than on my amp.

Congratulations on the new amp…. Absolutely beautiful!!!

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Beautiful headband on the D8K (PRO). I have the original D8K and slapped the aftermarket Washi Pads on them. Comfort and incredible sound quality all around. Definitely a Legit headphone. :blush:


That’s awesome. I didn’t know they were selling them separately. Notice any difference or improvement?

The bass is a bit more in control because ultimately the seal of the pad is the absolute best. Much better than the G and F pads. The stiffer construction allows the pad to stay in position and again the comfort is the best it’s ever been. Glad I did it. :blush:


Did NOT fully appreciate how razor thin the Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables are!


Great album. First concert I remember as a kid, Dave Brubeck, and yes some of Time Out and Time Further Out was on the bill.


Really is a beautiful listen and of course tells me a lot about what my headphones can do. For 1958? My goodness. Great recording. :slight_smile:


Long story, but my new old dac just came back from Poland after 4 months.


finally! looking forward to your comparison to the Pac2

HD 660S2

This came in today. And on a good deal.


Wow. :star_struck: As a kid I’m sure you didn’t quite appreciate what you were witnessing, but as an adult I’m sure you cherish that memory much as I cherish seeing the The Grateful Dead in their final appearance before Jerry died (*Bob Dylan opened! I was like 19ish?)

Every time I bemoan being “old” I remind myself how glad I am I was “there” back in the day. :slight_smile:





How do you like your la scala? I thought about it way back when…

Over easy with salsa on the side.

It’s the most musical dac I’ve owned. Maybe not the most technical, but just a fantastic listen.
I primarily (until now obviously) used it with the Eddie Current which is a bit dry and they were a marriage made in heaven


What are you using for a dac?