WTB: Bottlehead Crack w/ Speedball

Really itchin to get an OTL amp for my ZMF Eikon’s… Looking for a fully built one since I have no experience with soldering or building amps. Please hit me up with offers, thanks! Local to NY/CT

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They are a very easy build IF you can be meticulous about following directions. The build documentation is very thorough and has detailed photographs. Each connection is an individual step in the documentation and assumes that the builder has zero electrical knowledge. Don’t be afraid of it from a lack of skillset. If you want instant gratification, that is another matter. Soldering is another skill that is easily mastered with a little practice. Nothing magical about it.


But please, please don’t try it or force it if you are not meticulous.

I have flashbacks to the disasters I saw in high school shop class with electronics, woodworking, welding, and small engines. Flashbacks to destroyed do-it-yourself PCs. Flashbacks to comically bad art projects. Flashbacks to hack-job repairs or the customization of antiques (that destroyed their value).

There are horses for courses. Know your own best course!

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