Abyss censoring comments?

In the most recent TOTL video from Abyss, they reacted to the Joshua Valour review of their Diana TC. Obviously they were quite happy with the review since JV said that the Diana TC was the headphone to beat for the next decade. I was hoping to get some objective reactions from the less than stellar review from Resolve so I posted a comment on the video. Surprisingly, I can still see the comment but the comment is nowhere to be found if you look at the video outside of my account. Has anyone else had experience with Abyss trying to censor questions or comments people have made on their headphones?


I’m fairly sure I had a comment censored once on one of their videos, it’s been like a year though. It was a video about cable costs… The dad made a comment in the video about having 100,000 ft of cable in their warehouse, and I questioned that claim for obvious reasons.

I haven’t heard a single headphone of theirs, and I’m fairly sure I would like them as I love big planars… but this video in particular really rubbed me the wrong way. Not a lot of perspective up there in Buffalo. Does DMS still work for them?

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It seems like he still does but it’s not super clear as to what he is in charge of. I would think if he’s in charge of marketing, something like this wouldn’t occur. He seems to be a pretty reasonable guy from the videos on his own channel.

Your comment on Youtube is not present at this moment. However, don’t be surprised by vendor messaging and control over their channel. This is not news and was much more common before the web made public end-user reviews (i.e., Amazon) routine.

Youtube just hid the thumbs down count too, so there must be a lot of pressure behind the scenes.

Also, with a link to another channel they may have perceived you as a shill or spammer. But probably not.

While disagreement has the potential to spark constructive discussion, I don’t have any issues with the removal of comments deemed to be unreasonably combative. Speaking from personal experience, you can spend your entire work day dealing with people whose minds you’re never going to change, even if you engage as diligently as possible. Maybe they thought you were out to get them with that one haha - it can sometimes be hard to tell what the intentions are behind a youtube comment. We have the benefit of knowing you’re a nice guy with good intentions :slight_smile:.

But yeah the threshold for that conclusion may have been a bit too low on this one though.

Edit: Also, I’d love to review that new Diana TC - if they got the harmonic distortion in check, that could be a really fun platform to play with.


Censorship isn’t cool, but it’s naive to think a company will spend as much time focusing on a negative review as it does a positive one.

How many brochures or digital ads for headphones that feature glowing review excerpts or star grades also feature negative and one-star reviews? Try none.

This is called marketing and promotion. You highlight your wins and praise.

That said, Abyss boss Joe Skubinski (oldest dude in videos) can be prickly about criticism of his company’s products. I’m pretty sure he went after a less-than-glowing review and measurements of an Abyss product by Amir at Audio Science Review a few years back. The Abyss Headphones Controversy - Buckle Up, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy (Or Crinkly?) Ride. - Headphonesty

There’s also this saga about Skubinski’s past cable sales, about which I have no idea or even knowledge of whether this is true. Could be true, could be an ax being ground: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/l09imb/joe_skubinski_of_abyss_headphones_and_the_300/

That said, I enjoy these videos. I enjoy the perspective of Joe and his sons and DMS’ production work. They’re proud of their products, and they promote them. Plus they often discuss some cool audiophile topics and offer a lot of knowledge about the hobby.

I’m on Team Joe and Team Abyss. I’m also an upstate New Yorker – from Syracuse. Just look at my forum avatar. So, don’t shit on Buffalo! :slight_smile:


@Resolve has reviewd DTC already? Anyone mind posting the link here? Its not showing up in YT search

I think it was a review of the AB1266 Phi TC. It was a strengths and weaknesses thing or me. Weird FR and THD, great ‘subjectively desirable qualia’ hahah. But, this is also a situation where if you don’t do a review saying it’s the best thing ever, or find some criticism, then the response is that the reviewer must have hated it, and I really didn’t - it just wasn’t for me.


oh! Got it. I thought you had somehow already gotten your hands on a DTC and made a review and was surprised tbh. Actualy currious question that kinda OT. Did you ever try 1266 on 13R?

Yeah, the thing is… the main issues with the AB1266 are things that an amp can’t fix. All the other aspects, the stuff not immediately readable in FR, are already excellent.


Well I would’ve been a lot less upset if they just didn’t respond to my comment rather than try to sweep it away. This makes them look way worse.


There’s an element of “nothing to see here folks” to it for sure haha. I just think it’s likely a misunderstanding as to your genuine interest in wanting them to address it. At the end of the day it’s just youtube vids.


to be frank, abyss has pretty abysmal (ha) PR. Im not really sure why removing bad comments is all that surprising. IMO its much less of a misstep than their handling of OG dianas horrid fit by just sticking their heads in the sand and then denying they litteraly had to sell modded ear pads for them to even be usable by vast swaths of people


I used to live in Syracuse. After reading your comments, I have only one thought. How do you have time to interact on the forums? Shouldn’t you be outside shoveling snow? :smiley: I am worried you are getting behind on your shoveling and you may be trapped inside your home.


This touches on a real nerve for me today, as it must be tougher than ever to be a reviewer who is painstaking and cares about the community like @Resolve and others.

Why? Because we’ve turned into a world of easily offended weasels who live on poles, with no gray area between.

The second someone offers a negative opinion, even when nuanced and researched like Resolve and other quality reviewers, they’re a “hater” or “hate this headphone.” The second they praise one, they’re “shills” or “say it’s the greatest ever.”

The truth almost always lives in that gray-hued purgatory between the two extremes. Just because reviewers find flaws doesn’t mean they hate a headphone. Just because they like it doesn’t mean they’re on the take from the manufacturer or are ready to toss their entire collection into the classifieds.

Personal example: I didn’t like the lauded Sennheiser HD 560s because of the clamping force, treble spike and less-than-energetic sound. Does that make it a bad headphone? Of course not. It’s a terrific headphone, one of the best values under $200 in audiophilia. I didn’t hate the 560s; it just didn’t work for ME.

Nuance is being lost in this post-truth world, in which fewer and fewer people either can or take the time to deduce opinion from fact. I admire the resolve – pun intended – of quality reviewers like Resolve and others who are more than willing to live and flourish in the gray areas with pros and cons to offer the most comprehensive, intelligent reviews of audiophile gear.

Just don’t get outraged if a reviewer doesn’t shower your favorite headphones with sunshine, seashells and balloons. Some of the responses to Resolve’s recent preferred headphones list in this forum prove that some in this hobby have a long way to go in that area.



Dude, it’s pathetic this year. We’ve MAYBE had 15 inches of snow. I haven’t had to touch a shovel once.

Keep in mind, non-Syracuse natives: Our area AVERAGES 115 inches per winter. This year is pathetic.


I’ve never heard this term but it’s pretty sad. More and more people don’t believe there is truth out there or don’t seek to find it.


All kinds of fashionable people have been neck deep in this analytical strategy for many decades:


You are living in an era where 50+ years of this has spread to the mainstream. Prepare for a snap back.

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I tried to read the first few paragraphs of that, and I was reminded why I wasn’t smart enough to go to an Ivy League school or a sub-Ivy like Stanford. It damn near made my explode trying to comprehend. :slight_smile:

Back to headphones …

The Mayor of Simpleton :slight_smile:


Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy is the defacto first resource for any of that stuff even for people who didn’t go there. It’s an amazingly thorough and helpful platform. It’s also highly regarded enough that it’s a big deal for professors and other academics to have a publication there, kind of like something that shows they’ve ‘made it’. I can’t recommend it highly enough.