Black Friday Deals - 2021

HiFiMan Black Friday Deals:


Dekoni has limited edition and B-stock ear pads on sale.


Bottlehead is offering15% off on several kits for Black Friday.

One of Bottlehead’s favorite times of the year is fast approaching, where we all sit together at the table and order kits at some of the best prices of the year.

Select products will be 15% off on Black Friday November 26th and Cyber Monday November 29th -

Crack headphone amp kit
Speedball upgrade kit
Moreplay preamp kit
Reduction phono preamp kit
Integration upgrade kit
Eros phono preamp kit

The sale will start at 12:01 a.m. PT on Friday and go until 11:59 p.m. Friday, then run again from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Monday.

Please note that delivery times have been affected by the current supply chain delays. We have only put kits on sale that we feel have the best chance of packing and shipping in our usual four to six week time frame. However even these select sale items may not arrive before January 2022 due to the demand. We will do our best.


Tube Maze Store on eBay


Monoprice Monoliths are on sale again, and there are brand new closed-back versions:

New closed back M1570C and M1070C

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Sparkos 30% off…


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Check out the KOSS site

SP 330 for $25, list $125. Porta Pros $25 also. Great prices on the bluetooth models also
Looked through the lineup, and never saw the QZBuds before, noise cancelling, wired, with a monitor mode to let you hear room noise.


Free $100 gift card with Focal Clear purchase at $990

20% off all Empire Ears Universal IEMs (includes Odin, excludes Evo)

Deals on Dunu SA6, Zen Pro, Falcon Pro and more

Focal Radiance $300 off (Exclusive to


Decware 10% off your entire order

2 Likes has some deals today:

HD 6XX for $179
HD 58X for $129

A bunch of other stuff marked as a sale but actually at the same price it was before…but cash back “bonus gifts” too…

3 months of Roon for a buck.

Have fun


Well, I’d say I had a good Double Dot Eleven and Black Friday haul this year. My New Year’s resolution will be to wait and observe this next year’s developments and postpone any new purchases until the next Double Dot Eleven at the earliest. Cheers! :metal: :musical_score:

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