CanJam Chicago 2021

June 19-20 2021 , Marriott Marquis Hotel, Chicago

This is my hometown, so I guess I’m going LOL. I hope you can all come too so I that can meet you in person.


At least the peace and quiet of attending alone will let you hear open headphones well.

:face_with_head_bandage: :mask:


Haha, there isn’t really a downside for me. Either Covid is eradicated or I get Canjam all to myself. I’m not sure which one is better.


Stayed in this hotel for Star Wars Celebration most recently lol, and had a great time.

Gonna be strange (hopefully) going back for a different show, but most welcomed. Loved the area as well so really hoping it doesn’t get postponed again.


Me too! I’ll probably head over at some point.

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I plan to be there everyday as well - given the luxury of being just over the WI border…it’s great to have CanJam in Chicago!

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Hate to throw any buzzkill your way, but my sense is near future Canjams are going to be more like a Disinfectant jam, or a Lysolfest.

I attended CanJam LA in 2019. If the event takes place, I don’t see that level of share returning anytime soon.


100% agree.

My current timeline…being positive, is shows not fully returning till Fall IF things stay on track as they are now.

I would love for it to happen, but I’m also not keeping my hopes up either (from a personal point of view)!

Miss having in-person shows and would love it for things to happen sooner than later.


Please keep the discussion centered around CanJam Chicago (or various other CanJams). COVID thoughts and views can be posted to Twitter or Facebook instead.


I see that you removed my post. That’s fine, but the comment was accurate.

It’s cool that you think that.

I’ve given the only warning I will on such posts. Please let the conversation drop there. We’ve made it clear in the past that those discussions can be taken to other forums.