CanJam Chicago 2021

June 19-20 2021 , Marriott Marquis Hotel, Chicago

This is my hometown, so I guess I’m going LOL. I hope you can all come too so I that can meet you in person.


At least the peace and quiet of attending alone will let you hear open headphones well.

:face_with_head_bandage: :mask:


Haha, there isn’t really a downside for me. Either Covid is eradicated or I get Canjam all to myself. I’m not sure which one is better.


Stayed in this hotel for Star Wars Celebration most recently lol, and had a great time.

Gonna be strange (hopefully) going back for a different show, but most welcomed. Loved the area as well so really hoping it doesn’t get postponed again.


Me too! I’ll probably head over at some point.

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I plan to be there everyday as well - given the luxury of being just over the WI border…it’s great to have CanJam in Chicago!

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Hate to throw any buzzkill your way, but my sense is near future Canjams are going to be more like a Disinfectant jam, or a Lysolfest.

I attended CanJam LA in 2019. If the event takes place, I don’t see that level of share returning anytime soon.


100% agree.

My current timeline…being positive, is shows not fully returning till Fall IF things stay on track as they are now.

I would love for it to happen, but I’m also not keeping my hopes up either (from a personal point of view)!

Miss having in-person shows and would love it for things to happen sooner than later.

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