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I think that’s a fair assessment: rhythm definitely isn’t this album’s strength (or even much of a feature), with the result that it does all feel quite static. I guess this plays to the Sennheiser’s strengths, which excel at creating a sense of scale and grandeur, but get exposed when required to stamp their feet. The Rob Clouth album I recommended above may be more to your tastes (but the Loscil album definitely won’t be).

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Christian Löffler reworks Beethoven. I wasn’t optimistic, but this is actually really good, and all the better for not being hostage to the original material:


Time for me to chime in I guess.
In the Doujin Music industry, DiverseSystem is one of the big name out there, with their work spanning out from 20 years of history. This circle is hardly can be called as a typical Doujin circle anymore. Some even disregard this term and consider them as a record label (which in fact, they are, smaller record labels like Seardrop which Sennzai owns for example are still called as Circle by many).
Anyway, their works span with many genres. What’s interesting here is that a lot of the time their work has a certain concept in mind. And it is usually a complication of many artists from guest mix to in house artists.

One of their typical work that I like is AD: PIANO which I usually looking forward to each year. Like the name suggest, the music around this series will center around Piano as the main instrument.
Here is the preview of “AD: PIANO ff/pp” which is the lates entire in the series if someone interested.

Now, this might not be the typical “Electronic music” that a lot of people might hear, so allow me to show other work of them.
AD: HOUSE 8 - Second latest installment of the AD: HOUSE series:

AD: TECHNO 5 - Lates installment of the AD: TECHNO series:

Some of the stuff that does have a clearer concept:
work. series: I remember when they are looking for guest artists for this series one of their requirement was that the music has to be strightly suitable for light work. They have a 24/7 live stream on their youtube channel if on interested:

Recently, there is also “Stream Pallette” which might become a series specializing in providing free copyrighted music for content creator online:

They do have collaboration of other group also. Here is their collaboration with Compellege (which iirc, lead by Taishi): PHANT PROLOGUE
The album also comes along with a novel if you happen to buy it. This is a full literature work on its own at the same time


Rather excellent:

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Time for something heavier.

Go listen to the whole album, it’s pretty heavy.

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Christine - Atom from heart

Nice new album from John Tejada, Year of the living dead.