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Oh man! Trentemoller is another one of my favorites. Evil Dub and Moan are good ones too.


Just got my first Beyerdynamic (990 600ohm) like 5 minutes ago. First song on Roon radio is…

… which I had never heard before. Those little clicks and pops feel like they’re in my head, right below my eyes , like in my sinuses.
For $175 I’m surprised…. these may be better than I expected. Literally the first song I’ve listened to. So way too early to tell :crossed_fingers:


I was curious. Nice album, or at least first tracks, which I’m listening to. It’s been a while since I fired up my favorite chain. Mini to BF2 to STAX amp to Nectar Hive e-Stats. Damn I like these phones, and this track pointed out exactly why! My head became the clicks and pops.

Thanks for posting - an artist I’m not familiar with. Can hardly wait to listen on the new speakers in my office on Monday…

A BIT LATER . . . read the ROON write-up on Yello. Listening to POINT, a 2020 release. This is an interesting duo. Good headphone music.

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I was “doing my research” on influences on Frank Zappa, who apparently idolized a dada composer I’d never heard, Edgard Varese. He’d been hearing electronic music in his head since at least the early 1900s, and spent most of his life frustrated with the technology he had available. And lack of funding.

Here’s a link to a masterwork broadcast over 400 speakers in the Phillips Pavillion at the 1958 World’s Fair.

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