Hifiman RE800 and RE2000 Silver

The Deal:


Hifiman originally put these two on sale for Black Friday, but it seems to be a permanent sale now? I’m not sure.

At $2000USD I felt the RE2000 was overpriced and at $1500USD it was slightly overpriced. I used to own the RE2000 gold, and they were a thoroughly enjoyable earphone. At $799USD, the RE2000 are seriously worth consideration if you are looking for earphones in the price range. I prefer them to the Andromeda, but that is more personal preference than a case of better or worse. I posted my thoughts in the thread below.

Supposedly the Silver RE2000 has a slightly different sound signature, in that it has a bit less bass and seems more even sounding overall.

I can’t comment on the RE800, as I have never heard them. Supposedly they are a bit brighter. Best to look for impressions before purchasing.

FWIW, I have ordered a pair of the RE2000 silver. I’m hoping they really do encapsulate the RE2000 gold sound, at a $799USD price point. I will report back!


It’ll be great to hear your thoughts on them. Heck of a price drop from $2000 to $799 though. Just goes to show the margins some companies have.


That’s the HiFiMan pricing model. I paid $250 for HE-560s ------ original retail price of $900. They sound great, but given the weak build quality they are worth $300 maybe. No way, no how are they worth $900 or were they ever worth that much.

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I think HE560 came out at around $1300. Hifiman pricing is ridiculous.

Hi and welcome @Herry.