Holiday, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022 - Megathread

They had closer to 200 EQs for sale when the sale started. The Loki Mini + in black is flying out the door – count falling rapidly from about 50 to less than 30 now (10 am Eastern).

That’s pretty impressive, both the sheer number and how many they’ve managed to sell so quickly. $3-400 off a Ragnarok 2 and the LIM/MIL Yggdrasils at $1799 are nothing to sneeze at either.



Just curious on the Symphonium… When I click on the helios 10% it’s just “on sale” but when I click on Meteor it’s “on sale” and “final sale”. is that correct? If so just curious if this is open box or what specifically about the Meteor makes it a final sale. would be a blind buy for me.

Some headphone cable sales because I’ve been warned off the stock ZMF cable:

Double Helix Cables is running a 15% off sale site-wide.

Hart is running 10% off with a coupon code: ITSCALLEDSOCCER (Woot World Cup!)

ZMF has two coupons for their buying their cables standalone at bundled prices (but not at the shortest length of the stock cable, e.g., the coupon works on the Lektrik in 4-strand as opposed to the stock 2-strand [I just tried this out]):

  • LKTKBNDL for $50 off the Lektrik C and Lektrik S cables
  • 100OFF2KS for $100 off the 2K and Verite cables


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Just forgot to put a final-sale tag on the Helios is all. If the title doesn’t have open-box on it, it’s guaranteed to be brand new from us.

For those of you who are used to the DHC Black Friday sale running for a few weeks, it looks like this one ends on Cyber Monday.

I’m a big fan of DHC silver cables.


How’d everyone make out this Black Friday? Anyone pick up anything neat!?

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I succumbed to ZMF November and bought an Atrium in Macassar Ebony (special thanks to @Haasaaroni, @KaranGovil, and @robson to helping me decide on the model):

Still trying to decide on a cable purchase.


edit Decided on an IEM, thanks for all the help!


I succumbed to ZMF November… agonized, decided I still couldn’t afford the price… and finally bought a used ZMF Verite Open on eBay… being held at the local Kinko’s/FedEx store till I get back from Thanksgiving tonight!


People in the Do your ears ring thread have talked highly of BioEmblem magnesium supplement. It’s on sale at Amazon for $22.14 (was: $42.99), with an extra 5% off if you buy two (or you can do subscribe and save to get 5 - 15% off).


Definitely not exciting ….all I got was this to replace my +15 year old MonsterPower.