Luxman P-750u

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I’ve been in the hobby for a while. I started back in 2009 with some Beyerdynamics and went through a list of different headphones and amps before leaving the hobby for a good while. Recently, I’ve picked the hobby back up and started the journey from where I had left off which was my trusty Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohms, an SPL Auditor, and a resonessence labs concero. Since March, I’ve tried the Anandas, Aryas, Aeolus, Verite Opens, Verite Closed, Empyrean, Sony CD900st, HE-6se, Diana v2, LCD-X, Utopia, and RAAL SR1A. My DACs have been either a Denafrips Ares II or Yggdrasil A2. My amps have been an NAD integrated amp, Feliks Audio Euforia (2019), Flux FA-10, and now the Luxman P-750u.

My goal with the Luxman was to find a SS amp that would sound great with anything. The FA-10 had a ton of power but lacked some of the refinement that the Euforia had. The Euforia had a cozy soundstage and did well with all the dynamic headphones I had but was lacking with planars. I also enjoy the convenience of SS amps and did not want to worry about having to warm up my tubes or not have them left on overnight.

Some people thought the Flux FA-10 was big…the Luxman is even bigger.

Build and General Impressions:
The Luxman oozes class. The knobs are solid, the turning resistance is pleasing, and the silver is stunning. The balanced and RCA connections in the back come with covers for those that you do not use and also includes a through out which means you can switch the amp to be just a pass through device if you have multiple amps. The power button gives you a nice click when pushing it in and the amp will come to life after a few seconds of warmup. With each mode change, gain change, or output change, the amp seems to think a little and switches to the correct setting. I’m assuming it’s because the engineers wanted to make sure that the sound is directed from one input directly to one output. Just using the Luxman is a pretty enjoyable experience.

The Luxman brings refinement with plenty of detail and power when it came to my headphones. With a direct comparison with my integrated amp (which I assume is an average SS headphone amp), the soundstage difference is one of the first things you notice. If you were to compare the two, my average SS amp is like a Hoberman sphere when it’s closed and the Luxman would be the sphere when it’s open. The specs only show 4W per channel for 32 ohms but it might be a little conservative. In comparison with my FA-10, I never felt a lack of power even with the HE-6se. I’m not the best at waxing poetic but let’s just say that the Luxman combines the best of both worlds of the Euforia and the FA-10. I’m a huge fan of female vocals and they come out effortlessly with this amp. The bass is impactful without overpowering other frequencies. It controls the HE-6se’s bass extremely well. Based on my memory, the FA-10 seemed to have a tad more slam but it seemed to overpower while the Luxman keeps tonality in balance.

Many know me to be a gear cycler but after receiving the Luxman, I have absolutely no urge to upgrade my amplification. Obviously a tube amplifier will give you a different presentation compared to the Luxman but if SS is your thing and you’re not looking for the most clinical sound but a pleasing sound, the Luxman is as good as I’ve tried recently.


Good review. Very nice gear you have and had


That looks fantastic. You know what they say, bigger amp bigger sound!


amazing write up goes in depth about all the questions I had about the luxman


That’s quite true. We need to convince Justin from ampsandsound to make “Biggest Ben”


Great review I hope to see more reviews from you keep it up :+1:

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Luxman makes some of the most attractive audio gear around.

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  • It’s almost a relief that this amp is so huge that I could never fit it on my crowded desktop. Relief because if not for that, I’d be trying to buy something I don’t really need & can’t really afford

  • And “driftingbunnies” is an amazing screen name. Kudos on that!


Haha thanks! Yeah, luckily I don’t keep my gear on my desk and I built my stand to handle regular sized audio components so I had the “misfortune” of getting one.


Omigod, this is a curse. I have such a thing for SS amps (have 5 or 6, including the extremely good V281). But I read stuff like your review of this Luxman–and bam, I want the thing.

Have to say, Luxman makes beautiful audio objects. All their electronics that I’ve ever seen are very handsome. Early Onkyo amps w/big meters were glam as hell, but Luxman always had that quiet, competent sleekness.


Yeah, Luxman makes really nice products. That’s one of the main reasons I went for this amp. I know they have a good reputation and the reviews for the amp were pretty positive even though there weren’t a lot of them. I don’t have experience with the violectric’s but I’m sure those are great too based on how many people like theirs. I definitely had a lot of other amps on my list that I was considering but decided to just blind buy the Luxman due to how impressed I was with another Japanese audio product.