Rebel Audio RebelAmp - Official Thread

I have never ever in all my years of listening to headphones lowered the volume of the source before plugging in the headphones.
I have never met or know anyone who does this or suggested I do this.
If what your saying is actually true I myself and everyone I know must have been very lucky not to ever damage anything.
Slightly sceptical about this as the manuals would warn about doing this surely. Companies wouldn’t want there products having bad reputation.

Never experienced this either

I think this is what I may be experiencing.

Burson audio user guide (see p. 8). Burson Composer 3X Performance User Manual V1.6.pdf - Google Drive

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Before I ever adopted this practice with headphone amps, I was scolded in stores for plugging electric guitars into amps with the volume up. TRS/TRRS plugs momentarily short out, while XLR connect the ground and live wires simultaneously.


It’s actually a best practice to turn the volume down to zero, especially with the powerful amps that we’re all buying nowadays. Like you, I’d never done this before either, but I learned about it in this forum.


Part of my enjoyment in this hobby is sometimes changing from amp to amp and picking out the changes in the sound or subjective qualities it gives different headphones.
So as much as this may be best practice and I agree this may well be the case, its not something I will be doing.
Your advise is appreciated.

Thanks for the advise its appreciated.

I’m wondering. I need an amp for my audeze LCD-2 F. So I was thinking about the rebel amp because of the very good reviews I read. Yesterday a friend offered me to buy his Burson Conductor Virtuoso 2 for 500 euro. So same price and both class A, one newer and one older.

Will new amps like the rebel amp outclass an older but more powerfull burson amp?

Just an update. I can also add another exception to the list of headphones that Schiit Jotunheim 2 pairs better with than RebelAmp. My ZMF Aeolus does not sound very good on the RebelAmp. However, on the Jotunheim 2 with the gain switch on low gain, it sounds wonderful.