Rebel Audio RebelAmp - Official Thread

Blah, blah, WAHT COLOR!??!!???

You beat me to the punch. My GREEN RebelAmp arrived today. They were as good as their word: 4 days from Ukraine to San Francisco :+1:. Mine is still in the box. (Busy at work)


My amp left Germany a few hours ago. Hard to believe it will be delivered to NJ by tomorrow afternoon.

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Blah blah ??? Bright orange on top with yellow sides.


Looking at my ups status and its in truck for delivery. However it states that a signiture is required. Was that the case for your delivery?

Yes. Sig was required

My RebelAmp arrived from Croatia in a few days too. My Schiit Bifrost 2 required 6 weeks build time, and then a week of transit time. Shipping across the USA was slower than internationally, and a portion of the Rebel ship time was spent in customs waiting for a signature.




Ok just set up amp about 2 hours ago.
Initial impressions with elex… very smooth with deeper bass than my thx 887. However i was suprised how similar they sounded. I needed to lower the gain of my dac to get smoother sound. At first Rebel sounded a bit strident but that changed after 30 minutes of play and continues to get smoother.
Probably going to sell my 887 and hopefully that crappy pot will remain quiet.
Also suprised at the detail of the Rebel. This in my opinion is not by any means a colored amp. Very neutral. Great tonality. My setup is a bit ridiculous as shown in pics. Keeping the Rebel on a board over my 2 thx amps at the moment.


my RebelAmp arrived with a channel imbalance of a couple dB favoring the left side. … trying to get in touch with the company but I don’t think it would be fair to share my impressions with a faulty unit.

I’m pretty disappointed - seems to me like channel imbalances would be an obvious thing to check at the quality control stage.


Is the imbalance constant for the whole volume range?

I’m sad to hear this, and hope it works out easily and economically.

This is important. If the imbalance happens only at low volume…it’s almost expected for analog devices…


the amp is unbalanced from 0 (7pm) to about 4:30pm


Love the board. I’m going to steal that thermal solution!

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Disappointed to hear this! Mine is still in the box. Busy at work.

Can anyone please help me with the Rebel amp power cord?

I bought a Cable Creation 6 foot cord from amazon. They were not expensive as i paid about $16 for a pair.

Is this good enough? Can i get better sound if i buy higher end cables? Would i be waisting my money?

Rebel referred me to the company that they use. Those cost about $ 5 bucks for one 6 foot cable
I have used Cable Creation in the past for usb and their cables appear to be of good quality.

I tried a couple cables before settling on a Pangea Audio 14 gauge (was $40 then, now $55). My first cable was a skinny leftover that had been sitting in a drawer for maybe 5 or 10 years. It “sounded fine.” As placed near many other power cords I wanted to use something with better shielding and got a massive power amp cable that was too stiff to use. It sounded a bit smoother and perhaps warmer – fat cables seem to have too much mass for the job (as they draw from wall power that comes in on standard gauge wires).

The Pangea split the difference between the two. It sounds identical to the first cheap one and surely wasn’t necessary. However, I’m confident that it’s shielded well enough, and it’s easy to spot among the other cables. Based on my experience with Cable Creation, I’m confident that it will be fine. [Yes, you’d likely waste your money on expensive power cables. I think I did on the Pangea.]


I mean, the reason I wouldn’t worry too much about power cables is because it’s not like it’s going to be worse than whatever wires are going through your walls.


Ok here is my final impressions on the Rebel.
Fantastic amp after break-in. Highs smooth out dramatically. THX amps sound small and closed in when compared.
Rebel very smooth, clean and crisp now.
Btw the headphone used were the Elex which is very revealing.
I also need to add that i don’t recommend using this amp when first turned on. Let it warm up for at least 30 minutes. Best when left on until you feel some warmth coming from the right side.