Schiit Folkvangr OTL amp

Beautiful! Tube glow!

Let your stock tubes burn in a while before rolling, then you’ll have a solid reference point. Or do whatever you want when you want to! :laughing:


Great! It’s an impressive display piece with the (room) lights on too.

Please keep us updated on how well the Folkvangr performs as a steak tenderizer and cooker. I’m looking for George Foreman Grill alternatives and this may serve the same function.


I think you’re joking, but if Jason sees your comment, I wouldn’t put it past Schitt to make an official griddle accessory… You could even tube roll to experiment with different “flavors”. I hear Western Electric tubes make great pancakes, warm syrupy with a euphonic sizzle.


If I look at the current gas price development in Germany,

I should also buy such a device, with this, at least heating is fun.



This one will be a hard pass for me.

I mean, is it really an OTL tube amp if you can’t make breakfast with it?


Since your experience with your Arya with Folkvangr was not so great, and your 800s is feeling lonely, you really should add a ZMF to your collection to give the amp a really thorough evaluation!

A Verite open would be a great choice, or you could go biocellulose with Atrium or the new Auteur Classic. The Verite will give you something really resolving and fast, with great slam and tonality. Atrium has fantastic mids and bass slam, with a really sweet tonality and great soundstage (not at the level of the 800S though). I don’t know the Autuer personally, but people love it.

ZMF has a summer event tomorrow with new Limited and Stabilized special versions, and launch of the Autuer Classic.

Just looking out for you, as you “need” another 300 ohm set of headphones! :laughing: :wink:


LOL, we’re such bad influences on each other. Haha

But seriously, @Audiophool a ZMF in the custom wood of your choice would look wicked next to that thing. Just sayin’!

I look forward to your further impressions. Enjoy the ride!



Agreed, I’m sure one is in my future. Just haven’t heard any of them yet. So I don’t know which I want to start with.

Definitely on my shortlist to check out at CanJam in Sept.


Beware ZMF headphones are like crack. I have Atrium, Atticus, and Aleous. Find it difficult to listen to my other 5 headphones.
ZMF cans on tubes are just amazing.
Beautiful Folkvangr BTW :star_struck:


I agree 100% re ZMF, I have Verite open, Atrium, and Aeolus. :+1: :sunglasses:

But I just got a Rosson RAD-0, and damn it’s really nice, very addictive also!

There may be some used ZMF headphones coming up for sale as people buy Stabilized/Ltd models of what they already have, and want to clear out redundant versions of the same thing. Maybe something for @Audiophool to keep in mind…


Well, unfortunately I think I’ll probably only pick one up if I can get my hands on a stabilized or resin. I would have one already but I’m not quick enough on the draw. Tried a couple times
I know this may sound like heresy or probably more like a spoiled rotten princess as all of them are a work of art but some of those stabilized… OMG !!!
So if I’m going down that road I think I’ll pay the premium and try to get something unique. I want a super-duper-one-of-a-kind-extra-special-burl-something or other, dammit (preferably in blue or red) :grin:

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Ok…. Got a little time to try my Beyer dt990 600ohm on the FV last night and it sounds pretty damn fantastic! Certainly the best I’ve heard them.

Takes all the juice the amp can give them. Plenty loud enough though.

Not going to try to go into too much detail…only got less than an hour. I will say it was detailed, nice bass and no sharp edges. Very nice initially…tbd

Listening to Clear OG right now. Seems like a good match too. Nothing sounds off. They work well with this amp. If you know me, you know the Clear isn’t my favorite just because of how it presents things but it sounds good…need more time on that one. Might be able to get into this!?

I’m just getting brief impressions on what works with the Folkvangr and I’ll circle back to what I really like and spend some more time.

Other headphones that I still have to try out…

Hifiman HE560, HE400, HE6se(not going to work well), Susvara (yeah, nope), Senn 6xx, Focal Radiance, Audioquest Nighthawk…that one might be interesting ….


@AudioMaine have you got your Folkvangr yet?

Curious what others think of it and what headphones anyone’s tried.
I really really like 800s with it. As we’ve discussed elsewhere about burn in… I don’t know if I’m just acclimating to them or the tubes are changing but it seems to be getting better.
Spent the last couple nights listening to…


I won’t ramble on in detail about either of these albums. Very different albums obviously but with the Hd800s they were both just so….immersive and inviting.

I don’t really know how to describe it exactly but do you ever read or dink around on your phone/tablet while your listening to music and sometimes the music is so engaging you just have to set your phone in your lap, close your eyes and just get fully into the music? Well that’s been happening **a lot ** with the 800s/Folkvangr combo for me. Really diggin it!


In fact, I wish that here in Europe we could have easier and better access to Schiit devices.

Schiit does have a branch here, but there are no ordering options there for almost all products, as devices are never available.

Now I wish any Schiit officials would read this, and respond just as quickly as Zach & Bevin did on the ZMF forum to remedy this problem. :pray:

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@Audiophool Sadly no. My original ship date went from 7-10 days to 4-6 weeks and now its on “rolling back order.” I contacted Schiit and they confirmed I’m still getting one but there are…drum roll please… supply chain issues. They are guesstimating 6-10 weeks :expressionless:

Once I do get my hands on it I will post my impressions. I have a Hifiman Arya Stealth which I know historically don’t pair well with tubes. Might need to get the ZMF Atrium for a better pairing. (Now to explain my “logic” for wanting to get another HP to my wife!)

Happy listening!

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Half of me thinks this Folkvangr would aggravate me to death (the heat! the tubes! the trouble!). The other half of me thinks I will die if I don’t get one (a Valhalla that will drive Arya? YES PLEASE.). Stay tuned to find out which half wins. :man_shrugging:


You know in the end which half will win.

I asked Magic 8 Ball if there is a Folkvangr in your future, and it said: “yes” :wink: :laughing:

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Well that sucks!!! Sorry to hear that.

Good luck with that! :laughing: If all goes over well…let me know how you did it cause I haven’t figured it out yet.

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Like chocolate and peanut butter…