Seattle Mini-Meet - August 24 - Impressions

So jealous of you guys getting together. Thanks for all of your reaction comments! Keep them coming!


Really nice impressions. If I could splurge out on one thing and had the cash I would get the Cayin N8. Like you I’m an iem guy and I don’t think I am getting the full potential out of iems with my current XDP-300R. Although it’s really good overall, fast and good storage and streaming facilities I do get a bit of hiss and really don’t like using the iFi iem match. It muddied the sound in my eyes. I’m a detail and resolution whore. Maybe the Cayin N6ii will be a more realistic aim.


Seeing that the Matrix Element: X was brought down by @Andrew and @taronlissimore

…does this mean that the Matrix line is going to be picked up by

That would be neat, as the X-Sabre Pro seems to be doing well still and their products seem to be well built :slight_smile:

Did you prefer the Element: X to the X-Sabre Pro you heard @Torq?

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Yes, I believe is now a dealer for Matrix Audio.

I didn’t have the Element:X at the same time I heard the X-SABRE Pro. I have no reason to believe the Element:X sounds any different to the X-SABRE Pro (in fact the Pro has more rigorous internal shielding) as a DAC. And going on memory, nothing suggests itself as sounding different.

If you only need the DAC portion, I’d go with the X-SABRE Pro (with or without MQA depending on your needs/preferences … and noting that the Element:X does have MQA support).

I’ll likely do a proper review of the thing once they have support for configuring WiFi without an Android device (as it is, you can only use it wired if you don’t have access to an Android device to configure it with).


@TylersEclectic the VX are very nice. They remind me a lot of Solaris in terms of overall signature. The VX have quicker bass with much shorter decay, which results in more detail and resolution being apparent…but you lose a bit of the vibratory goodness of the DD, which is a worthwhile tradeoff (or not) depending on your preferences and music tastes. Both excel at layering, separation and soundstage. In fact the VX is the only IEM I’ve heard that can come close to matching Solaris for instrument separation. If pressed I would say Solaris sounds a tad more natural. Fit was a bit of a wash for me as I had no problems with either. In fact the only IEM that has ever gotten the better of me in terms of fit is the Z1R. I hope you get to hear the VX soon :slight_smile:


Good stuff!

hopefully @ufospls2 can meet up some time in the near future. would love to try out the artmagic and see how it stacks up with the other flagships. :wink:

There’s a bigger meetup on Sept 7th being organized on facebook and head-fi, if anyone is interested. It’s near the Univ of Washington (just east of in a small neighborhood library).

There’s a contingent of canadians coming down for it.


Im away until Sept 17th, but if you aren’t going to be in the Van area when I’m back I can ship them down to you for a couple weeks or whatever so you can hear them and review them. We can figure something out im sure :slight_smile:


Ahh, I’ll be in the interior that weekend. I keep missing these :frowning:

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great impressions! i’m envious of you guys living close enough that you get to do this. no such thing down here in the “jungle”, haha