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thanks all! :slight_smile:

i turn 27 again for the 12th year.


I always thought your measurements were suspect. :rofl:


Also know as 29J :grin:

All the best wishes!


Oh no, the 27 club is the danger point for many lives! Be safe, Sir. We are here for you no matter how many times you relive age 27.

Happy Cake Day.


Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid Happy Birthday @antdroid


Im far from a rock star :wink:

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this is creepy and not very appetizing lol. :slight_smile:


Thought this was amazing build

Yes, lots of stuff. But rather poor rear view capability. I rather like to know what’s behind me, both on the road and in parking lots. And you still only have a two door 260SX.

I miss the days of sleek, fast sedans. I owned a 1995 Impala SS and an Infiniti M35h. Currently have an Infiniti Q50 hybrid. Since your pointer was to a Nissan with a Skyline (Infiniti) motor, I’d love to see a new Q80 hybrid or electric.

There were two ads I recall for the 1994-96 Impala SS that I still recall. One said, “Mr. Vader, your vehicle is ready.” The other said, “Zero to 60 in 7 seconds with 4 sets of golf clubs in the trunk.”


Wow, Happy Birthday Anthony (antdroid). Have a great one and enjoy it. I know you’re a very busy chap so make sure you take some time for yourself. Enjoy.


I was interested in the build. I use to pick up every car audio mag to look at the custom fab people did. I wish I had the talent to do that stuff.

I’m taking this thread is right place to post. If not direct me to where I may share things I found that some of you may like.

Recently got hooked onto true stories from YouTube the channel has few million subscribers. It’s mystery dark stuff that you would mostly not come across for instance I’ve never had a serial killer or strange people in the woods following me. I’m only creeped out by ghost, demons, witches and serial killers. The rest of horror genre may gross me out but not scare me. This channel is just creepse out so if interested start watching. The guy is a good story teller and I’m addicted to it. It’s done in story formate not documentary. One story was true events of the movie Fire in The Sky.

Mr Ballen

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Happy Cake Day @reallyoldcob


thanks @generic what a year! :space_invader:


Happy cake day @reallyoldcob.


As a devoted iPhone user, I find this advertisement highly offensive. :wink:

“Yes, it’s a headphone jack.”


Wheeeelllll, I don’t know. I have done the iPhone progression, 4,5,6+,12. And iPads Air Gen 1, Mini Gen1, Mini Retina, Pro 12.9 Gen 1, and now Pro 11 inch 3rd Gen. And yes, it’s convenient to plug in a headphone. And I was getting used to lightning with 2 dongles and the LCDi3’s cipher cable, and camera adapter 2 and 3. And now it’s USB3 or Bluetooth. Oh yes, the BT5/AAC combination with lossless files as source sounds pretty good. That M1 chip makes short work of crunching the numbers. Sounds good to the Zen Blue Streamer/Dac to speakers.

For Porta Pros with Mic for calls – yeah the circle ain’t bad. But the little apple dongle 3.5 to lightning doesn’t cause pain.

As long as you can find it. :grimacing:

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Having gone from an iPad with a 3.5 to one without Ive just use my BT IEMs at all times, gave up the wires. I could get the dongle but with wireless I can charge the iPad and listen at the same time. The wireless sound better anyway then my crappy old wired IEMs.

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We all know that president Nixon installed some recording equipment in the Oval Office, but from the quality of the sound, I suspect it wasn’t really done well. And I’ve seen pictures of Obama’s turntable and tiny speakers on the same marble table in the White House. Having had the tour years ago, I know the Oval Office isn’t large.

Where would you put speakers if you were President? Probably need to have room for visitors and security personnel.

Pictures of various floor plans through the ages may be found here:

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