What music have you been listening to this past week?

@pwjazz in another area finished a nice review, and then said how he was glad to stop listening critically and just go back to listening for enjoyment. After reading some here, I also felt like going through some stuff for enjoyment. I fired up the Mac/TIDAL/Roon/Dragonfly/Mjolnir-SRM-T1S/Stax chain that is my go-to sound now. I remembered seeing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band live a couple of times, so I went to that, which led me to Hot Tuna, and then to the B-52s.

Maybe there’s something disturbed about that selection, but there it is. I own it.

Edit: and there was Sly in there, Sly and the Family Stone


“Disturbed” you say:

You may have a sickness:

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I’ve seen the B-52s live in Seattle a decade ago now…in boot camp we would sing knock a lil harder baby lol


I can’t comment on Hot Tuna but the rest are all respectable choices.


Very nice, @generic. I like the treatment of Sounds of Silence very much.

And @pwjazz,


Very nice.

I’m sorry but this was shared with me and for whatever reason…it works and is good for a laugh:

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there are soo many good Vs. youtube videos in this vein…the world is a brighter place all of a sudden lol (listening to Adel vs. Survivor: Rolling with the Tiger).

EDIT: I went down the rabbit hole…please send help…


These are such fun. :grin:

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As usual, Kurt Vile is great. I really dig him and his old band The War on Drugs, a lot. Just really good modern rock music with heavy vibes of the history of rock. (Bob Dylan or Neil Young in this case)


been enjoying this artist recently.


I’m a throwback, enjoying old music but I’ll experiment at times.

Led Zepplin is always good and I love “Thank You”
Roberta Flack…The First Time, and Killing Me Softly
Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbettter
Jethro Tull Aqualung
A Group Called Smith…Baby It’s you
Leanne Rimes…Amazing Grace
Elton John…Candle in the Wind (tribute to Princess Diana)
The Monkeys…saying goodbye to Peter Tork


I have downloaded a lot of the Monkeys records this past few day’s. Very catchy tunes and lyrics. They’re quite an underestimated group IMHO and should have been given more credit when they were around. A sad loss. Lost a lot of great musicians this past few years.

The other great back catalogue and be been greedily consuming is that of Crowded House Via (as always) Spotify.

Love their music. It’s really upbeat and you can nod your head as you listen if you do wish.:grin:

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This was something I heard yesterday and today and who knows how many days this week I will listen to it again. I really enjoyed this. I bought it immediately on cd with many other songs.
Cheers for another struggling independent group of musicians.

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I’m glad you said that. Two of them were very serious musicians (Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith). Groups can be founded in many different ways; although the TV industry’s hand is heavy on the Monkees’ TV Show theme song (nobody would sing “We’re the young generation” - can you imagine Mick Jagger singing that??) they did have some good writing and good hits.

But you really need to download or see some of their TV shows. Really. A delightful time capsule. If I were a Monkee, I would demand a fake air scoop on my coffin.

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I saw a lot of their tv shows. Here in Britain the were often on TV in the 1980’s. They had a lot of shows repeated.

And you’re correct they were a talented bunch of guys.

Get yo pipe on!!

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The new Saor album is awesome.

This week, I’m not listening to much music. Have been working on CE credits and to unwind am going through season 3 of The Grand Tour.

Which is Top Gear under a different name, same cast, even more brilliantly idiotic, and probably with a bigger budget.


I’ve been playing through both the “Amadeus” soundtrack (from the Peter Shaffer movie), and various playlists comprised of music featured in the film from various composers, venues, orchestras and conductors.

This was prompted by an evening at the Seattle Symphony for “Amadeus Live”. One of a series, the movie is projected in high-definition on a theater-sized screen suspended above a live symphony orchestra. The musical score is removed from the film, and the orchestra plays it live instead.

Was a wonderful experience … good enough that we’ll attend any more such events for which the score is suitably interesting without any hesitation!

Strongly recommended!