What's in the box!

I waited 10 weeks and a week for the shipping but consider I’m in Europe. Sadly Justin team is small and having a lot of projects running plus pandemic limitations the result is need of time.
As for other brands like Innuos consider that Justin has long time because what he sends out has to be nothing less than perfect.
I know it’s frustrating waiting but I’m a perfectionist too and I understand the wish for the perfect work.


Thanks for the info. About a half hour after posting this I got an e-mail telling me my ZMF Aeolus is shipping today. So at least I’m getting something I’ve been waiting forever for!


Great news and great pairing.


It’s incredible the control this amp has in asynchronous music passages.
I’ve listened to two of my reference vinyl, “Syn” by Innode and “Kulu Sé Mama” by Trane, two examples of busy passages with many out of sync tones. The Mog OG never lost control on sound, no sound has been superimposed to another, no timing has been alterated.
With HD660s into 8 ohm tap zero background noise and plenty of air and slam even to my usual very low volume.
This is really impressing.
Great stage and imaging even on an headphone that notoriously lacks of the two.
I’m really, positively surprised


Got my Clear yesterday :grin:

First non-listening impressions… Solid, quality build. Really feels very sturdy. More so than the Radiance to me. Materials are nice on the Radiance but it feels a bit flimsier. May just be the weight? Also, pictures don’t do it justice because I never really cared for how it looked but in person I really like it.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about the cables not being the best but I like these. They are a bit stiff but I’m used to that because I use a 10 ft. Black Dragon cable 95% of the time (it fits all my HPs except the Senn) and it’s very stiff. For my use a little stiff is ok as long as it’s not twisty and janky. It actually straightens out nicely. In fact, this is the very first stock cable I’ve been able to use. The main reason being that my listening chair is quite a ways from my av rack and I use my phone or dap as a Roon Remote for controls. So I need about a 3m cable which these came with 2. So to me that’s awesome.
I’ve had them just hanging up playing since they came yesterday and I put them on a couple times just to listen briefly ( like super brief…a couple seconds) and I thought they sounded grainy/fuzzy ? Is that a thing with new Clear ? I’ve listened for about 30 minutes today now and haven’t noticed any of that so…phewww. :sweat_smile: Could’ve been the track :man_shrugging:. Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time listening before the weekend but so far they seem an awesome addition to my collection!! (Especially at the price, Thanks to headphones.com )



Care package from Shenzhen Audio!


Is this a new model release? Solid state rectifier? Nice looking headphone amp.

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Just a little modded Mogwai OG: different chassis, no speakers out, custom caps.


Thanks, I was having trouble figuring out what it was. Looked more like my Kenzies, but different tubes.

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Never mind.
I had a long talk with Justin and exchanged some ideas.
I must admit it was the most interesting part of the purchasing experience: not buying something made in series but have the product tailored to my personal needs.
Experiences like these are no turning back points Once you discover you can spend your money in something you can define how it will look and perform you won’t return to mass products at all.


Down grade that I like more then the 33 it’s more musical.


Welcome to the WA5 club!!! :grin:

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One of the “benefits” of balanced differential tube amplification (i.e. where the amplifier circuit itself is balanced, not just the inputs and outputs) is that it has the effect of cancelling out, or at least greatly suppressing, even-order harmonic distortion.

I say “benefits” as, while it does result in a better measuring circuit, if you’re wanting “tube sound” or “flavor”, you ultimately get less of it with a balanced circuit due to those cancellation effects. In other words, true single-ended tube designs tend to be more “tubey”.

Which is the primary reason I’ve stuck to SET amps operating as true single-ended topologies.

So no surprise to me you find the WA5 (I had one too, until I got the WA234) to be more musical than your prior WA33. Of course, I also find the 300B to be a more enjoyable listen than 2A3s in most cases, so I am biased there.

Enjoy your new amp!


Those are looking amazing,

Got these from Halby Cables on Etsy. It was made and shipped out in less than 3 days after I placed the order. The guy lives in Seattle near me, so it came quick too. Affordable and good quality.


It’s also why Wells Audio designs single ended solid states as Jeff mentions loosing dynamics and that musical sound that makes music enjoyable.

KR 300B

They just fit with Psvane cv181 t mk2 slight touch


If I could go back in time Id have gotten wa234 with but wait till now with the new bypass to use your own preamp so no level matching between amps.

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How many kidneys does one need to sell for a pair of those KR 300B tubes?