What's in the box!

Looks nice. I was just looking at a variety of DAPs today. Researching myself insane…:grinning:

Looks like that one could work with Roon in the Airplay, although DLNA probably sounds better…please report on how you like the user interface, easy of use, etc…once you get. a feel for it…

I am glad you like it. I bet it does sound really good with your Andromeda’s. Enjoy.


It is very snappy and smooth. Music plays very quick. It is a little bit awkward going through my Files…but I blame that on me not having them all that organized. I’m more of a streaming music kind of person, I’m looking forward to them getting Spotify working on this.

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I just received this one. Astell & Kern Kann. It’s portable so to speak, but not really suitable for carrying on your belt or in your pocket, weighing in at 10 ounces. Using with my Senn HD 700s. Drives them nicely…


That is a good looking DAP, and it powers the HD700 that is nice! HD700 has a special place on my desk, I thoroughly enjoy them.

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White glove service…

Damn this thing is heavy!!!

Good looking piece of kit!

Ok one more tease .
@Torq maybe bring this beast to the mini meet…

And all powered up!




That’s a pretty little unit!

Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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I ordered “better” tubes so we’ll see how that changes it…but so far I’m really enjoying it, but we’ll see after the new toy shine he wears off.

Can’t give a great response yet with only an hour or so of listening, but I would say it is similar to the BHC, but I need to do a serious sit down listen though to determine the difference between them. Also I think the stock tubes hold it back, I’ve read they are the first thing to replace.

Also I realized after lots of taking apart my entire audio setup multiple times last night that I’m getting noise from the USB out/in from my MAC? So researching iFi silencer and idefender as possible solutions.

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USB can certainly be electrically noisy - either as a result of dirty power on its power-rails (i.e. internal contamination from the computer’s internal PSU and other circuits) or as a result of a ground-loop … though from memory (I’m too lazy to go check), I don’t think the Mac Mini has a ground-connection.

Of course, if you have other things plugged into the Mac Mini that DO have a ground connection (e.g. a monitor) then you can still wind up with such a loop. That’ll usually be heard as “hum” at 60 Hz (and fundamentals).

If the USB connection is the source of the noise, I would expect other DACs to be as, or more, affected by it than the RME unit - which is known to have a very solid USB implementation.

You could try feeding the Crack via your iFi Nano iDSD in battery-mode from your phone … if you still get the same type of noise, it’s probably not coming from the Mac’s USB port. Another test is to run the RME unit via an optical connection (not sure if the current Mac Mini’s have one, the older ones do) from the Mac.

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Thank you, I will say I did try the NiBL with it and no hum outside of standard tube noise. Surprisingly no hum from my El DAC that is currently feeding the BHC with no hum.

I also think the tubes that come with the mkii are noisy.

I’ll try all your suggestions, and report back my findings.
I’m having fun chasing this down! Also I didn’t try the NiBL with only my phone or iPad.

Thank you again for your advice!

Edit: ok dead silent with just the ipad and a 3.5-RCA adapter, I must have a ground-loop coming from one of the other devices connected to the Mac. I’ll process of elimination it, minus keyboard and monitor.

EDIT2: found! it was my keyboard! specifically when I have my LEDs on it going it causes the feedback! lol. Well that was fun I’ll have to swap out keyboards and see if it is that specific board or not. Now I can sit and enjoy my new amp! Honestly I can’t stop gazing into ol’Cyclops and its 5 irises lol. Also this thing ways a crap ton! I’m a big dude and I was shocked at how heavy this is for its size, pretty sure it weighs more than my 2year old daughter.

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Hmm…what could this be…



You bought it?!


Well, new aesthetically pleasing “stack”… I have re-arranged my whole desk for the 3rd-4th? time in the past few weeks lol…I couldn’t resist the pull of the Phonitor XE, it kept me under my self imposed limit, plus I don’t need the DAC, or the speaker outs on the Phonitor X (I didn’t get a DAC with mine).

@antdroid yes, I ended up going for it…I’ll end up selling off a bunch of my lower end Solid states at this point… this thing so far…is pretty amazing.


I am downright envious now. :open_mouth:

Tubes + pretty digital spectrum anazlyer + analog VU meters == nerd jellyness.


I put a Marvel picture in the back to cover up the cables too…I’ll get more pictures in a bit

lol I just bought a taller shelf myself to store all these toys.

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I can play this game too…



Welcome to the club!

Don’t forget to apply the latest firmware!


I think I know this game!