What's in the box!


Better this one:


Sick puppies … :wink:

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Flattery will get you nowhere. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


its audrey horne!

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Ok, rearranged the layout so the TEAC CD player / Monolith amp doesnt look so stupid.


Ooh new shiny!
@antdroid congrats!!! Such a fun DAC/amp and so far the best IEM amp I’ve played with ( my opinion of course).

Back to “What’s in the box!” @ProfFalkin you nailed my reference lol though Boxing Helen is a… nevermind…

Ooh…me like! Thank you preview program (@andrew and @taronlissimore)

And it’s unbalanced cable zips pants back up “I can’t work this way”…sigh begins packing it back up to send out

Joking aside, the cable is nice reminds me of a much nicer, thicker, and better quality IEM cable.


Thats an epic stack!


Really nice setup @antdroid. Your a lucky guy. I love the aesthetics of the stack. It’ll look real nice with the lights down low. I guess you’ll have lots of new things to discover whilst listening with it. It looks feature packed.

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Hehe nice one. :+1:. I really like to listen to Bob Marley from time to time. Such a shame he was taken far too early as is often the case with icons such as him.

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Here’s a legitimate what’s in the box because I literally don’t know

TRN V30 and Fearless Audio S4 IEMs!

Not sure the V30 is out yet but the S4 has gotten good early reviews.


Marginally relevant as my music server:

My old MacBook Air was getting s-l-o-w, and the CPU in the new Air does not inspire confidence about its long term performance. So, I switched to the 13" MacBook Pro (Mid 2018 release).


I can never restrain myself from opening the box long enough to take a photo of it :smiley:


The true battle of un-boxers…

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video live stream!


Low cost stuff here:

CCA = Purple
ZSNs = Cyan


Okay, the picture on the box kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? This marks two milestones for me:

  1. First re-purchase of something that I sold and regretted selling
  2. First purchase from headphone.com!


Congratulations. I would like to hear those myself. The 1990 pros sounds just up my street. I’ve never tried Beyerdynamic headphones. As I am a bit of a closet treble head I am sure they’d appeal to me. Going off what others have said. I do know that the 1990 pros get a lot of love though.

I enjoyed my whole experience with headphone.com.


FWIW they’re part of the community preview program.


Unfortunately it’s not really an option for me as I am in the UK. :grin: