What's in the box!

Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re enjoying the combo so far!

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Nothing too exciting - I took advantage of the recent sale that CFA had on cables and bought their Super Smokey Litz cable terminated with the 2.5mm connector.

The cable comes in a heavy paperboard box with the embossed ALO logo on the box top. The item to the left is a paper sleeve with information about the product. I didn’t realize that they made laundry bags of that size - it’s larger than the bifurcated one that normally comes with the IEMs, but like the smaller one, it sheds little plastic fibers.

I bought this with the intent to use this with my Ara and Qudelix 5K. So far, it’s doing well (though I had to set the volume limiter). The MMCX connectors are larger than the stock cable’s and the wire is obviously thicker, but this hasn’t negatively affected wearability - the cable is not microphonic at all and doesn’t tangle as easily as the stock, Smokey Litz cable. Additionally, I’d glad that the Ara is not hissing with this combination - it had hummed and hissed a bit with the balanced out on my Magnius at all volume levels (one of the reasons I returned that amp).


Getting seriously tweaky, now…

Tube dampers from Herbie’s

I was really really hoping to finally strike snake oil with these (and return them), but alas, they make a noticeable difference. Just a bit more focus to the imaging, akin to what the M-Scaler does for the DAVE. They’ll be staying.


I got the same type. I had a similar thought that this might be a waste but they do help. Just got them for my power tubes. Haven’t tried them anywhere else.

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It’s really good streamer for its price. I guess they will start taking fresh order for Mercury by Sept end.

Loaner Auteur Classic and Forza Claire HPC Mk2 cable
Look forward to comparing with the Auteur OG once burned in.


Those look fantastic.
I’ve still not heard a ZMF. Really dying to get one even more so now since getting the Folkvangr. I keep hearing how well they pair.
Definitely on my list to check out at Canjam so I can get an idea of which one I want first.



Thanks to @xiaoyaoyou for pointing this out here:

The ddHiFi cable is working just fine. I’m not sure if it’s a tiny jewel or will prove to be less than that in the long run. It appears to be silver colored wire in a transparent jacket with small USB ends showing the ddHiFi graphic. There are no indications of directionality, and it worked first time the two times I connected it. For $19, it is way more elegant than the AudioQuest DragonTail. If Sabaj packed these, it would take a lot longer to find out about the USB issue.


They’re here! Big thanks to headphones.com!
What a week! Enjoyment HPs yesterday, work phones today.
I’m very excited to put these to work on some mixes today, and see how they compare to my X’s. My livelihood is Re-Recording mixing, and will contribute to the convo about these if I find anything interesting.


I look forward to your impressions. I have the 2021 X and EQ the mids up, but I’m considering the MM-500 as it appears to need less EQ. I’ll be curious to know if the MM-500 has equal bass dynamics to the X. If the technical performance is at least equal to the X and the tuning is better out of the box, it might be a no brainer for me, especially due to the potential for better comfort.

Happy listening!



There was a girl I knew in high school that was as well-packed as this item. Unfortunately, I never got to unbox.


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You won the Champions League!!


or maybe the Stanley Cup

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I think that the Stanley Cup would serve a group of more than 30. This is a 10-12 cup model. Not automatic, but electric perk. You have to either time it from when it starts percolating or judge by the color of the brew hitting the glass dome.

Reminds me of a classic Star Trek TOS episode



I’ve watched way too much Star Trek (all). That’s Nomad!


“I am Nomad. I am perfect. That which is imperfect must be sterilized.”

Launched 20 years ago, BTW.


Maybe I should order a box with a couple of Tribbles in it.


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Also more suited to the off topic but:


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