What's in the box!

In preparation for incoming record player…

The Depeche Mode boxes are the 12" singles from each album. I didn’t get the one I wanted the most (Violator) because it isn’t available ($1k+ at Discogs).

Now I just need a turntable. :laughing:


The music is the most important. I have originals of some of those albums. It does appear, however that you have a shortage of P-Funk.

Should keep me busy for a while.


Some serious packaging from PS Audio.

PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 12

One interesting tidbit here. There is very little difference running this off of the grid vs a Tesla Powerwall (via an inverter of course). Now, I don’t have the very latest model of inverter so it may have improved, but the P12 shows a 4.5% THD from both the grid and the batteries. Not sure what I was expecting but I think I was expecting there to be a difference. It’s possible that it didn’t switch from the grid to the batteries but I think it did. At least the Tesla app shows the flow as coming either from the grid or the batteries and it shows how much power comes from either source. With the app it is possible to choose the power source.


OK I already took them out of the box


How is that WOO energizer?
It must be really good. :slight_smile:

I got the WA22. It is awesome! :hugs:


I should probably stop lying to myself:

There is a :heart_eyes:/:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: war over these XELASTEC tips out there. Fortunately, I ended up sitting on the :heart_eyes: camp. The trick is to purchase 1 size lower than the one used with other tips.


RAAL-requisite CA-1a just arrived.


Colour me jealous. Lol. Enjoy.

What was the turnaround time for Acoustic Sounds? Last time I ordered it was about a month wait, last time I pay for expedited shipping from them!

I got a want list from them and I think I may add to my vinyl collection as I havent purchased any records in a while.

Perhaps this is of interest only to a handful of people, to include @Torq and @PastorOfMuppets, but I bought the 2022 release of the Korg Nutube evaluation board (NEB-2). I was actually shopping for the old Nutube amps kits and was concerned that they might have been discontinued, as parts availability has been poor. With this new model, apparently Korg is still committed to the technology.

This evaluation board has RCA In/Out, allows 4 tube distortion levels per channel, along with power, volume, and bypass. I’m testing now and hear music.

Oh, what stunning tube glow! Best glow ever! I should take some glamour shots. Jealous much? I may build a fancy sled to show off those magnificent blue rectangles. I could stare at them for hours and hours.


GOOD. the millet nuhybrid is way underrated and still works well with the hd6xx next to my bed.

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Is it like preamp with tube buffer?

Yep. The pot is for matching the Nutube on/off output levels, not for controlling the listening volume. As an “evaluation board” it’s designed for A/B testing.

My current test setup: Bifrost 2/64 → Loki → Korg Nutube → RebelAmp → Headphones

Per a couple hours with the HD 6XX and HD 800 S, it generates a sense of spaciousness, body, and smoothness when engaged.


For in stock items, my experience was:
Ordered Aug. 7 → Shipped Aug. 8 (received Aug. 11)
Ordered Aug. 20 → Shipped Aug. 23 (pending delivery Aug. 26)

If it shows in stock you should be fine. If it happens again, I would contact them. They seem like a good company to me.

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A couple years ago I sold/traded my Verite Opens Camphor burl on the basis that I’d be able to buy them back a few months down the road. In the end the buyer sold them a week or two later and they were gone and there was nothing I could do. It took me awhile to get over that regret of selling them.

Flash forward to today and two camphor burls were listed over on headfi both looking amazing with tons of chatoyance and wonderful knots to the wood.

Luckily I was able to get one of the VO’s and hindsight 20/20 I’m glad I sold my first pair. the pics on the headfi listing did not do them justice but the VO’s I got today are everything I could ever dream of getting and im so happy I have my VO/VC camphor burl couple and they look lovely together. I’m glad the VO wood is a little different than the VC’s as it makes them perfect together like the Schwartzenegger/Devito duo in Twins!!
Here they are next to each other!!


Thanks for the info, everything I ordered last time was “in stock” according to the website, which lead to my annoyance, could be they had a larger back log at the time.

Came in not a box but a case!!

This was a gamble, I had no idea about this brand until probably a week ago. And it’s definitely not a popular one here in the US. But an insane deal is still an insane deal…

LinnenberG SATIE D/A Converter


interested to hear what you think after using it a while…

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