What's in the box!

Sorry, but I gotta say it. Maybe it’s different in person, but in the pictures above the SusUnv looks like a cheap headphone that some kid took a Dremel to in the garage.


I wouldn’t say cheap, but somehow unfinished and fragile.

Maybe we’ll get used to this sight somehow.

To be honest, I have to say that I’m a little curious and have already made an appointment with the owner of the Headphone Shop in Germany, which runs the headphone section at the HighEnd in Munich, to hear, among other things, the new SUSVARA on the Envy25 (German distributor for Feliks Audio) coupled with a DCA LINA DAC. (Just for fun)

But mainly I’m interested at the ZMF Aegis, which I’m considering buying.

And also a brand new IEM called ZEITGEIST, one of the owner’s own productions, of which he is very proud of.

So I will be able to spend some time in Heidelberg and enjoy expensive high-end products.



Hope you have a great trip.

I have this weird view on listening to expensive products. If they’re well above my ability to ever purchase I can relax and enjoy. If they’re well within my ability to purchase I can also evaluate and consider, as well as enjoy (if the products are actually making nice sounds). But right on the edge, I worry.

I personally wouldn’t want to fall in love with, to use your example, a $35k-ish DCS Lina - Envy25 - Susvara setup. I’d rather spend that kind of money on a speaker-based system. Falling for a headphone-based setup in that kind of price range could leave me in a quandary. So, weird, huh?

Now we’re talking. Nice aesthetics and a real-world price. And very likely to be a great partner with pretty much all of the ZMF headphones I would bet. Hope it meets your expectations.

Why don’t more people make stuff like this?




Based on my previous experiences with Hifiman, including the Susvara 1Gen, I would never, and will never, invest that much money in a headphone system. (generally I wouldn’t :rofl:)

I’m just curious to see how far a headphone system can justify such prices, and whether HiFiman will finally manage to build a headphone that doesn’t just have the usual WOW moments, but these cans (HiFiman) are, in the long run, rather tiring or even boring to listen to.


I thought I saw a Cayin HA-3A in one of your posts. Is that amp not meeting your expectations?

The Cayin HA-3A is absolutely outstanding in its price range, I am currently using it in combination with a Holo Audio Cyan2 on my Caldera and am more than satisfied with it.

You’re probably asking because I said intense things about the Aegis, well, I’m always interested in new things and change my equipment quite often.


“unfinished and fragile”… esp. the ‘fragile’ bit. I’d live in fear of something, somehow, penetrating the driver, and not in a good, life-affirming way.

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Sorry to hear about your prior Hart Equipment getting lost.

But lovely choice! Love their cables and interconnect system


I love the green ( full disclosure, I’ve always liked green )

Green has been my favorite color since I was a kid



406 days from order to receipt. Serial number 23.



Wow, now you have the world’s best dynamic tube amp right next to the world’s best e-stat tube amp! Congrats!


Thank you. I’ve been working on a long game, pseudo end game, strategy to have both of these amps. A few pieces remain before I’m “done” :rofl:


Gene!! Damn man!! Congrats! Love it!

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Immanis + VM-1a? I can’t imagine anywhere else you go from where you already are.

I’m glad you’re laughing, because we’re never done. Ridiculous statement! :wink:


Certainly going to give the Immanis a home demo. I’m not as enamored with the VM-1a. I thought the Immanis sounded better off the Headamp CFA-3, which I put a deposit on last September. I have another item arriving tomorrow for a back to back unboxing.

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The unboxing today is certainly it at the level of the one I posted yesterday but I’m still excited to see how it performs. I worked with Arek at Hattor.com to obtain an I/O selector. This has five inputs and four outputs, like his Big Preamp but without the volume control. Outputs are selectable from 1 through 4, with a fifth choice of all active at the same time. Remote control or selectable from the front panel.


I love that you have both Stellaris AND Envy in your setup, that is #GOALS for sure! I just can’t quite make peace with the financial aspect. I respect the dedication, though! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :grin:


One Headamp CFA3 sized shelf left to fill. Or maybe a Zahl HM1…


Hope the bag’s opinion is correct.

Small Box

Inside the small box

Just getting started listening, and have no IEM point of comparison, but DDDD and default tips sounds nicer than I thought straight out of my phone.