ZMF Aeolus - Open-Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

Pfft. Never met a dude that was excited his lady had just spent 1200 bucks on shoes.

Don’t make it about gender if it ain’t about gender.


it was meant as a joke… instead of trying to respond, i’ll just remove the line so as not to offend anyone.

Been a lot of jokes about females, spending and perceptions of value. I’d like to think that when anyone starts looking for information about headphones they won’t have to wade through a bunch of jokes at their expense.


Terrific headphones–and a rare find of a girlfriend!

That’s the best feeling for any kind of long wait! From all I’ve heard in regards to ZMF, you won’t regret any of it!

@MRHifiReviews Yo! Saw your ‘AMP Camera’ in the Radiance stream, love the idea of that. You’ve got the AMPs on your desk that I’m considering between for my ZMF Aeolus. When you’re listening to the Aeolus, what’s the choice for you? Asagrd, Echo, Jotunheim, Crack, Lyr? Thanks man!


Hey, @Bob Thanks, man!!! For me right now it is between the Feliks Echo 2 I picked up from Taron as they now carry Feliks Audio!

The Bottle Head Crack with Speedball,

Or for over 1k but under 2k I also really love the ZMF Pendant with the Aeolus, they have a great synergy!

I need more time as the Feliks Echo 2 is pretty new to my chain, so I need some proper comparisons but so far the Bottle Head Crack with Speedball and the Feliks Echo V2 on my desk are my favorites with the ZMF Aeolus under 1,000 dollars. For over 1k but under 2k I also really enjoyed the iFi Pro iCAN

I hope that helps! I will have an upcoming live stream on the Echo 2 as well and will discuss how it pairs with the Aeolus.


Helps a ton! Can’t wait for the Echo 2 stream. Thanks!


You should have a live web cam so we can keep track of what you’re listening to in real time!


Hmmmm well I always try to post on the discord and here as much as possible but that is a cool idea that could push to my website.

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