ZMF Headphones - Official Thread

The drop down doesn’t work on my phone, or on my PC when using Edge or Firefox. But when I use Chrome on my PC, I get about 5 seconds, which is just enough time to scroll through the drop down and select something that looks interesting. Then the drop down disappears and you have to go back to the November page and re-enter the Auteur/Eikon page for another 5 second scramble through the dropdown.

The order of the photos more or less relates to the order in the drop down, so if you like two Auteurs that are 10 photos apart, you just need to find the first one, and then on your next 5 second scouting trip, just count down 10 headphones in the dropdown from the one that you previously found. It’s quite easy to get into a rhythm of scouting for 5 seconds, retreating and then scouting again.

The drop down won’t work until we list the items in stock - sorry about that! Once it does work - you’ll be able to select the one you’re interested in and the corresponding picture will show up.


obscure meme is obscure


@zach915m Just a heads up, the graphic for the B-stock Auteur & Eikon says “Auteur and Atticus”.

Zach, nothing to apologize about. It was actually fun to try to match the “temporary” drop down items to the photos. I already have a VO and Aeolus, and don’t need any more headphones, but those November Auteurs are beautiful.


Wow those epoxy stabilized sets are sexy! Almost enough to make me try to think of a reason I need a closed back (I don’t).

Good luck to all looking to buy tomorrow! May the odds be ever in your favor.


Hey @zach915m, are the Verites on the b-stock page using the magnesium chassis or aluminum?

Does anyone know if the ZMF November rarities get the current headband or the new crescent ones?

I have an Autuer with the old headband and I’d like my headphones to “match”. (Otherwise, it’s like an itch in my brain that I can’t scratch.:rofl:) I kinda like the look of the current ones, personally.

I’m seeing the new crescent headbands on the ltd. VOs…

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Yeah, when I was looking at those and saw that some had the current headbands in the photos (ex. Rastian II VC and Rastian IX VO).

It made me wonder what the Rarities will have since, for these ones, the photos aren’t the exact ones customers get.

Can someone compare the verites to the DCA stealth?

Wow! Weren’t these beautiful?

Eikon Bocote, with what I think is brass rods.

Wish the timing had been better, but I have spent all my head-fi funds for 2021 already. Someone else wil be pretty happy with these I guess.


Just ordered some b-stock verites. How long did they take to arrive for any of you that ordered b-stock in previous years?

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After over 2 years of coveting the VC’s, I joined the ZMF fam today :slight_smile:

Thanks in part to meme-stonks I was able to pick up a pair of gorgeous B-Stock Leopardwood’s. I’ve had MrSpeaker’s closed backs for the last few years, and despite appreciating their technicalities, they ultimately don’t bring me joy… well, the OG Aeons do, but whatever. I’ve been completely enamoured with my Diana V2’s for the last year and change, but have nonetheless wanted ;everything I have always read about; the ZMF sound in my life.

A VC purchase to me was never about getting onto a trend, it was about either ponying up for a custom model for me or finding the right one that spoke to me, that would be a lifer. This years B-Stock was… I could barely pick one, so when the first couple preferences went, I still hit ‘complete purchase’ with gusto.

Can’t wait :slight_smile:


I was only planning on looking at the units for sale.
I was only intending to be watching from the sidelines.

I ended up pulling the trigger on a VC Ziricote…because it looked just too beautiful to pass up.

I bought my Auteur from a distributor so this is my first time to undergo the infamous wait time for my new toy. This will be a very long 6 to 12 weeks…


The time opened for b stock. I aimed on the Aeolus I want… there were 2 that I like… when I chose 1 that I want… and ready to pay… it’s gone… dang!! ok. next Camphor Burl one… select from the pull down list… ok… paid… Happiness man for just 1 sec… there were 2 Camphor Burl one being the lighter golden color one being stain to brownish color… I like for former one…

I wish the pulldown list in sync with the photos on the left… anyway, I look again… It started getting grow on me… my 1st Aeolus story :stuck_out_tongue:


Are these available? I’ll take them.

They were part of the b-stock lineup, believe it or not. They look incredible. Being Bocote I think they weigh upwards to 600 grams. Ideally I’d like a lighter weight Eikon, but in a darker or stained wood.

Yeh, thx. I just ordered a pair. I thought it was a “rarity” not “b-stock”.

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This is a rarity