Headphone Stands

Yeah it’s always nice when stands not only have the looks down but the design also makes sense as well. There are a lot of headphone stands that look great but when you start using them, they can actually damage your headphones.

The Grumpy Goose stands are super unique. Would love to get a couple on my desk some day!

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I was about to buy one and stopped when looking at shipping and all the fees associated with it. Would definitely be a customer if it’s available here more easily

Love the ROOM stands. Will buy another one soon.

I hope this means what I think it means! Those stands are gorgeous.

This is great news - thanks!

I never got what the guitar picks were for

Hey guys, this is a new stand that I made called The Gray Heron. This stand is made for ZMF headphones in mind. Made out of 4 cm thick walnut slab and finished with osmo polyx, this is all thanks to #eric75 for his collaboration.


Awesome… I love it!!!

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Amazing stuff. Love the creativity and craftsmanship on here. And here I am just using yoga blocks for my sets…

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Beautiful! I love my stand it’sa work of art.

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Thank you for your colaboration and your feedback. This one is the heftier version, I tested it with 2 kilogram weights and it holds it like a champ. I put 3 coats of osmo polyx matt and it started singing :slight_smile: Thanks again Eric.


Plectrum. Looks like it’s there as an identification dog, or more duck, tag. @grainacoustics , maybe you can shed some light on this?

I have no idea. Design choise, somthing cool to go along with the stand that hase to do with music.

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Also, air guitar. This is a critical part of the listening process…


Air guitar is my favorite.

I find that open back headphones benefit much more from air drumming. Can you add a way to hold a pair of drum sticks? (only half kidding)


Any word on this? I’d love to pick up a ROOMs stand stateside. I really like the pro models with the adjustable height.

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