Headphones Battlestations


Ooh…what is the shelf system you have your Atom/LoxjieP20 on?


They are just off cuts of cable tray that I bolted together and then covered in liquid vinyl. I staggered them a little to make it tiered backwards.

It’s the left over bits from rack builds:

This is what it looked like before the liquid vinyl (basically plastidip):

I am all for recycling :wink:


I like them! that is very cool looking!



I am open to ideas to fill the empty spare shelf, I am thinking of a vu meter of some kind.


Some great diy and recycling skills. I really like the look of that. At least they aren’t going to be knocked over accidentally.:grin:



Nice! I am digging on the Xbox mug (wife works at the big M), also anyone with an Element is :ok_hand: in my book lol, I may have to pick up the El Amp down the road, as I have given away my Element to a friend (for a nominal price).

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I’ve seen a couple photos now of the off-centered monitor position. I may have to try that next week my new DAC comes in… My monitor arm is currently position in the center of the monitor downward. But it does prevent wider things like amps/dacs to position neatly under the monitor.

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My desk doesn’t allow for it =( otherwise I would have done something similar. Also my 34" Ultrawide is heavy and is a pain to find good monitor stands that aren’t $$$$

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I’m going to be using a 34" at my new job. Can’t wait to try out how that set up will be like. I currently just use a 24" Curved Samsung monitor now, but I do find space a little limited when I want to do some programming, headphone stuff, and browsing all at the same time. :wink: Would be nice to have a larger monitor setup for work from home days for multi-tasking too. I use the multi-monitor thing at work now but it’s a little annoying with so many wires and resetting displays all the time.


I want another monitor for home in portrait mode to run my Mac off of, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put it (just not enough room) I may just pick up a smaller portable monitor to run it when I’m using my PC. Currently I use my Ipad tethered to the MacMini but it isn’t the greatest solution…very cool though…


I saw a really cool looking kickstarter for a portable 15 inch touchscreen HD monitor.

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I saw that too lol, it is on my watch list.


Here’s my new Vortex Vibe (MX Silent), next to my Corsair K63 Bluetooth/Wireless (MX Red) MechKey


Yikes, by the end of this week when I quit my job, I’ll have to bring home my Filco Majestouch 2 (MX Silent), Nixeus TKL (brown switches), and CoolerMaster MasterKey Pro M (MX Red).

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Huge image sorry, but I was being lazy while my MacMini updated… I got the Purpleheart shelf in place and really liking the added stability. See if you can name all the audio gear :wink:


Where T.F. did Voltron go?! Should we send out a search party? omg

This is not fine.

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Ha…it was not “wife approved” and she hid it behind the couch… I still need to build it then I can display it and it will be … less… of an issue? lol… the wife has been on a Tidy and put everything out of sight mood, even more than usual the past couple months… which equates to me having to hide all my stuff…to slowly bring back out, only to have the cycle start all over :rofl:


So, basically, your wife is King Zarkon?

:grimacing: :open_mouth:


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