Help Needed BADLY: Stuck micro SD Card in Shanling M3s DAP

I’m in dire need of some help with something. The other night driving down the road and in the dark, I attempted to reinsert one of my micro SD cards back into my Shanling M3s DAP…and apparently inserted it SIDEWAYS and either above or under the card slot. I tried my best to pull it out with the little purchase I had left on the card, but I actually made the issue worse and now I can’t even see the card at all. Shanling says it would cost me $55 + a very long wait time just to ship it to them for repair / removal, and if at all possible I’d like to resolve this issue without having to do that ( honestly, it didn’t sound like they were that interested in helping with this as I had to message them a second time to ask if they even did any repairs in-house at all; they didn’t advertise it to me or suggest it when I first messaged them). Anyone here experienced a problem like this before, or know how to maybe fix this issue? I’d really appreciate any help whatsoever, for sure. Thanks!!!

Well that is unfortunate. Maybe some close up, detailed pics would help the community help you.

You may have bent the edge on the way in and reproduced how a toggle bolt works. They spring down to go in but the spring expands and they won’t come out…


To avoid damaging the socket or case you may need to either drill or slice into the card to reduce its size. Then use tweezers to pull out the pieces. I’m thinking the plastic edges of an SD card might be easily shaved off with a sharp blade, and you’d want to work on the edges rather than the harder chip in the middle.

If not shaving or drilling – you suggest the card slipped into a place it shouldn’t be outside its socket and is fully inaccessible – you’ll likely need to unglue or cut open the case and take it apart.


I’ve been trying to find out how to exactly do that; all I’ve found so far is a video in what I believe is Russian of two guys using a heat gun to open the case up (they said it wasn’t actually glued but has some kind of latches that clip in…but they still used the heat gun too, lol). My attempts have ended in frustration so far, and I’m worried I’m going to hurt the case more if I keep on this. Should I try a cell phone repair place or something you think?

Well, honestly if you can imagine looking into the side of a dap into the SD slot and not seeing the sd card in there you’ve got a good idea of what this looks like, lol.

Sorry to hear about your issue. I have a different one I wonder if anyone has a clue here … I can’t get the microSD card to “stick” in the slot of the DX240. It’s like I’d need to tape it in to make it stay. I know it’s in the right way because the DAP will scan the files as long as it’s pushed in all the way, but it won’t stay unless I press my finger down on it. It’s the standard Sandisk card. Thanks and good luck resolving the problem!

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