What's in the box!

They were busy recovering from the dregs of an old open bottle. I’m just now getting to the Wray & Nephew (63% overproof white rum).

Impressions as I take my first sips:

  • Strong on the nose. Piercing the nostrils. Scent reminiscent of plants and vegetables crossed with intense cleaning fluid. This could be the rum version of Patron white tequila (agave plant scent) or Hendrick’s gin (cucumber scent).
  • Initial taste in the mouth is rather flavorful and rounded. It’s not harsh at first. Again, plants and vegetables – a distinct rum flavor develops.
  • After the swallow and fresh air. WOWOWOW! This stuff is strong. Those nearby may become intoxicated from the vapors. It burns, fills the mouth, and creeps up into the nose.
  • One cough or sneeze mandatory.
  • Subsequent sips seem milder, as my mouth is now fully pickled.

This has more rum flavor than I imagined. Bacardi 151 has a one-note flavor and is purely aggressive (as I recall from years ago). I’ll try mixing with fruit juice next, but it’s drinkable as a shot. The flavor is more premium than the price suggests (~$20 per bottle), probably because it’s not heavily marketed by an international liquor conglomerate.


I remember a few month back while at the Schiitr when I still had the Clear Professional how good they sounded off of the Valhalla 2. Hopefully I have similar results with the Clear MG.


Vidar Crew @mfadio @DarthPool :wink:


So I’m kind of scared to open this… as it might just be @taronlissimore trollololol’ng me…


More Schiit is never a problem!

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I’d say between the Schiit show and the PP show you’ve got both ends covered. Congratulations!


This made me laugh. Yes I’ve had it neat often enough, but I frequently mix it, or do ice and a dash of lime. But it DOES get a nice rating for that more premium rum flavor.


That’s very true. :laughing:

Fortunately the new Clear MG does pair nicely with the Valhalla 2.

I was lucky to have received a pair of 6922 Brymars that were already burned in. They have a very sweet midrange (I originally received them to try on my Vali 2).

Sounds good, but boy is that thing a heater!


I took a goofy pic but decided to show the whole package.


Still waiting for the Jotunheim 2 and Bifrost 2 from Schiit as well as a custom balanced cable from Hart, but I finally got my hands on these and have found them well worth the wait. Will report back when everything is set up, but they sound amazing thus far off my humble dragonfly black. Grateful to you guys for all the guidance, especially @PaisleyUnderground, @monochromios, and @Resolve. Here are the goods so far…


Wow, that Celestee looks gorgeous. Let us know how it sounds when your Schiit gear comes.


Man those look great !! I got the Radiance and I think I prefer the look of the Celestee. The Radiance look good and the materials are top notch but I like that look (especially sans the Bentley logo)… I’m a sucker for blue. Hear they sound good too :wink:


Here they come latest purchase 600 ohm edition. I was expecting that they were harder to drive honestly THX 789, 3rd gain 1 o’clock (exactly the same as my HE4XX)

i can definitely hear the high treble that people have been talking about. Its funny how i just spent 300$ on a pair of cans knowing i wasnt gonna like them (i knew i was treble sensitive but i bought them anyway just to hear how they sound. And now that they arrive i feel kind of stupid for doing it lol) One more pair in my collection. Also i didnt expect them to come with a nice case for the price so thats a pleasing surprise.

I wonder how that treble boost compare to the one in the grado’s… i might have to buy a cheap grado to check that out.


Wow! Great stuff man. I’m happy you found you solution. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy.

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Picked up a couple cool things, thanks to @splayname for the killer deal on the node 2.
If anybody needs a Sonos connect for cheap hit me up!

Tubes: GZ34 metal base rectifier
Chatham( Tung Sol) 5998

And a couple good All Analog pressings of some great albums!


Nice cans! I’d recommend considering either an extremely beefy SS amp or possibly a tube amp. One reason why treble is a big complaint with the DT880s is because the headphone isn’t being driven properly for the other frequencies to come up. Once the mids and bass comes up, you can lower the volume and you should get a pretty balanced presentation.


What would be your recommendation i got the Drop + THX AAA 789 or Asgard so both are really powerful i dont own any tube amp atm but ill likely buy 1 soon once i get to understand the technology a bit more.

Gorgeous! I really have no reason to own a Celestee but I kind of just want one for the looks! lol


Beyers do really well with OTL tube amps due to the high impedance. By high power SS amp, I’m talking about a speaker amp or you could consider getting a beyer amp that has a higher output impedance. :slight_smile:


Out with one Can and in with another!

Ended up stacking pretty well, will start messing around with it later tonight.