What's in the box!

Arctic Cables Magnus’es actually, 18AWG of pure copper.

I’ve got this copper mesh on order to make the HE6SEv2 look similar to the two Audeze.



Yeah ok. Looks the exact same wire I had a while back, hefty stuff indeed.

Oh, I thought the thickest you had was 20AWG?

Yours is more bling with the little diamond / diamonte for L and R :wink:

EDIT: Ah yes, re-read that conversation we had, corrected, 18AWG.

Gorgeous! Just sent Donald a down payment for a DNA Starlett. Now the wait begins. Use your Stratus in good health!

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Thank you sir!

I believe your journey had a lot more stops than mine, but with this hobby it seems that’s what it takes to find the right combination. You’re going to end up with a very impressive setup - I wish you many happy hours of listening with it! :musical_note:

solid summation of my impressions as well. My imediate reaction was “wtf is this tuning” and then I threw it on my forge and was just utterly blown away. I think the only thing that bugs me on this combo is the lack of sub-bass when I listen to lo-fi at work (it never bothers me in other genres tbh). I think a big part of the appeal of Soli P to me is that they feel far more “effortless” or maybe “lithe” (dont realy like the connotation of that word but not sure what else to use tbh) than any of the other TOTLs ive had. Its like whatever they are doing they are never struggling. I think Sus is probabaly a bit more detailed but it doesnt have the same “oh, I got this, Ill give you the detail” feeling that soli P does

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In an effort to make my system neat, tidy, compact and exceptionally good before the impending doom (twins coming…), I’ve been selling off and pushing some money around, less into headphones, more into quality DAC and desktop speakers.

As of Friday the complete desktop system will be;

Chord TT2 (DAC, Pre and Headphone Amp)
Schiit Aegir
Harbeth P3ESR (SE in Cherry)
Final D8000 (w/ Pro pads)

Then all cables, bar power ones, are my own.


Moving on from my streaming integrated (NAD M10) which I had in my 2-channel setup means I need a streaming solution to satisfy both audio areas.

Enter 2go + 2yu with a plan of moving the NUC / Roon core to the 2channel area.

Super initial impressions:

A tad bit cleaner streaming to m-scaler via 2go+2yu than directly from NUC (running Roon ROCK), but not a crazy difference. Blacker background, and transients are a bit more focused. My comparison thus far has only been USB vs USB. Will try USB vs BNC from the 2go+2yu combination in the coming days.

The improvement of the 2go feeding my Hugo 2 is pretty big vs streaming via USB out of a “normal” desktop PC, so that is highly recommended as an upgrade. Really takes the Hugo 2 up a meaningful notch. Bigger improvement here than in my headphone rack vs NUC.


Got this schiit stack off here for my friend. He has never had an audiophile system but is super pumped to try something out. He bought some beyerdynamic headphones as well. I’m trying to convince him in buy some hd6xx’s too.
This stack will be perfect for him as it included a tube amp as well as a solid state amp. Well I’ll let you all know how he likes it. For $225 I feel I got him a great deal! This is super fun helping a person buy their first setup without him having to spend tons of time trying to figure this whole hobby out like most of us do. And I get to sit back and watch a new audiophile rise in the ranks!


Wow!! Awesome deal!!! :wink: What about the HD58x to start?!?!:face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink: :+1:
I hope he enjoy them!!


I tried to get him to add that one in the bundle from you but he sadly said no. I set the schiit stack up tonight for him and he loves it with his Beyers. He thanks you for the good deal you gave him on the bundle.


FedEx Sunday delivery


Woo hoo!! Yea buddy! Have fun

Also, what is that cable right underneath it. Cool it has its own platform it’s so badass :wink:

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Ha! Yeah that’s a Norne Vykari. Fitted for the TCs but my Vykari Susvara adapters are arriving Tuesday. I quickly rolled tubes to Ruby Tiger, GEC U52, RCA monos and took it to another level.

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Nice! Where did you find the ruby tiger? Seen that talked about a few times. Also, congrats on the monos. I hope to try some down the line.

Wow, holy not schiit, but DNA! Congrats! That’s the amp of my dreams!

How long did you have to wait from the time you ordered it?


352 days. It’s was a nice balance to wait for something in a hobby that seems to feel like a race to try the next item or reach end game.


Who are you racing? Not me, I’ll let you win.


I didnt realize so few stellaris has been made tbh. gz on the pickup!


Me too but I understand since there is very little advertising besides owners hype, Donald being a one man operation and it not being sold in any stores. I wouldn’t be surprised the A&S Nautilus has similar numbers too. Explains a lot why we don’t see a lot of Nautilus/Stellaris amps on the used market as I assume the 24 owners are really stoked on their purchase. Me personally I would not even think about selling my Stratus unless I had a Stellaris incoming which hopefully will happen down the road.