What's in the box!

initial impressions are so-so and a bit frustrating, so don’t get too excited! There’s no android app yet, and the iOS one is super buggy, and the general use of it is kind of annoying. Sound profile is pretty generic v-shape tuning too. it does have some holographic imaging trickery going on though.

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I added a second ZMF to the collection, a circa 2017 Eikon. I believe it’s made of cherry:

Older S3 6200 Case

ZMF Eikon, ImpactAudioCables 1/4" cable, Mr. Speakers Lambskin Alpha Pads (going to install them on my T50RP mk3 for fun), and Spare Eikon Pads

Grain Detail on Cup (might need to get some Martin Guitar Polish)

Group Photo

The Mjolnir has been warming up for half an hour so it’s time to plug them in and enjoy what $750 gets me.



BT DAC/amp for my Truthear Hola.



Finally came in. Atlas Embody headrest.


PlusSound Exo Cable for my MEST Custom IEM


Looks beautiful! Spoke with Donald North last week and he said that my Starlett should be ready by July. 18 months wait courtesy of Covid related parts shortages. Best of luck with your new Stratus!


Congrats! Welcome to Team Blue. :blue_heart: :smile:


Nice! I’m jealous, still waiting for mine. I just sent them a rather impatient email a few days ago. Apparently the black Sync fabric is in short supply. :confused:

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Oh dang. Hopefully you get it soon. I thought they had plenty of black sync but a majority of the orders were black sync so maybe that’s why?

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Yeah, I think they fulfilled the gaming chair orders first (which are somehow different than non-gaming black sync graphite frame) and now black sync is in short supply. I’m trying to be patient, but given that I paid 6+ months ago and have nothing to show for it and no firm updates I’m starting to get irritated.

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Nice!!! I loved my V280…kinda wish I’d held onto it. It’s a great amp! Congratulations… let us know what you think when you’ve got some time with it.


First impressions are it’s a fantastic little amp! I have the Phonitor XE also on loan from a friend and they couldn’t be further apart in sound. Both have fantastic build quality. I like the simplicity in design and smaller size of the V280 (though it is quite long!).

I prefer listening to the ZMF VC with the Violectric. It brings some nice heft and density to the music. The sub bass is otherworldly. It reminds me a little bit of my Blue Halo+ OTL tube amp (without as much holographic stage/3D layering you get from tubes). I think this may be the most “tube sounding” SS amp I’ve heard thus far. It’s far from neutral - more of a fun & flavored sound. Less “in your face” energetic than say the Jot 2 in balanced, which makes for a more pleasing / less fatiguing listen IMO.

The Phonitor XE on the other hand really shines with the Aeolus. It brings out clarity and details that I didn’t know the Aeolus was capable of. The lean/analytical sound compliments the warmth of the Aeolus wonderfully. The result is a magical atmospheric and spacious sound. There is a lovely, seductive finesse in its delivery of music with brain-tickling micro detail.

Just some first impressions - but they are both excellent SS amps and I could see myself keeping both for different headphones!


Great headphone amp! I still enjoy my HPA V100.
Wishing you many hours of enjoyable listening. :blush:

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QKZ x HBB Khan


Eartips. :heart_hands:

The buzz on these Clarions are real. Great eartips.