What's in the box!

Hell yeah!!!…f—k it indeed!!! Man am I jealous!! I was really interested/tempted to go for a Lampizator but could never get a chance to try one and there’s not an abundance of info. So ultimately went a different direction but I’m still intrigued ….please share your thoughts when you’ve had some time! Congratulations :star_struck: it’s beautious!!


I’d love to know the highest RMS voltage output this beast has when you get a chance. That thing is a monster. It is like a DAC became DAC, but ate 2 amps along the way. Lol.

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Per spec sheet it is 6V output, 90W consumption.

Recently bought a pair of stabilized ZMF Atrium Closed. I can’t capture how rich the green color is. The sun is probably washing out the color, even though these were taken late afternoon, so please imagine the green as slightly darker/richer.

I have too many headphones but this has an equal amount of listening time as my other two favorites, my Caldera and Utopia 2022. Calling it a fun-sounding headphone might be perceived as an insult, but I absolutely love the bass-heavy sound of the Atrium Closed. I was lucky enough to borrow one, so I already knew I wanted to buy one, but wanted to wait until I saw one that looked exactly the way I wanted. The recent ZMF “Summer of Burl” collection flirted for my attention, but this green stabilized was the one I fell for.


Picked up the Bryston again to compare against the MJ3. Should be a nice competition.

And a EML 5U4G with a damper.

Thanks @andris for the sale!


That was a quick flip! Didn’t he just have those 2 amps for comparison as well?

Yessir! The Mjolnir 3 is on its way back to Schiit, and I’m actually likely to get another BHA-1, but wanted an IEC input that would accommodate a bulkier power cable. The amp I had (and that is now @Rhodey’s) has a fuse slot next to the IEC that sticks out and blocks power cables with large IEC connectors. I was super explicit about this prior to the sale, but turns out @Rhodey isn’t a lunatic like me with the power cables (good!), so he didn’t mind. :slight_smile: There are some BHA-1 versions out there that are otherwise the same, save for a no-fuse-bump IEC, so I’m keeping an eye out for such a unit.

I’ll have a full shootout writeup soon, but the TL;DR version is:

MJ3 - incredible timbre realism and “rawness” (in a good way) of the body of the sound (like, astonishingly good), but the noise floor is simply too high for my taste (on the Utopia, anyway). Not ‘audible hum’ high, but ‘you know it when it’s gone’ high (as compared to all the other amps I had to try it against).

DSHA-3FN - Lowest noise floor I’ve heard, amazing stage and holography, and very clean, but too soft on transients and macrodynamics.

Bryston BHA-1 - Possibly tied for lowest noise floor. I have to see if I can get one that I can use the same power cable as the DSHA 3-FN on for a truly fair comparison. When I compared the BHA-1 and DSHA-3FN on the same stock cable, both had virtually the same (slightly higher) noise floor, but will want to see how things shake out when they both are fed with something serious. Anyway, this amp had fantastic transients and macrodynamics, so is the strongest contender of the bunch.


These are stunning @PaisleyUnderground. Congratulations! :heart_eyes:


I look forward to it! :+1:

Your write-ups and observations are some of the most informative and insightful of anybody’s. I trust your ear, but I’m still keeping my DSHA-3FN! :laughing: It’s the most stunning amp that I have heard, but my breadth of listening experience with different gear is much more limited than yours.

Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with my setup at this point, and I still get a smile on my face listening with this amp even a month in. Almost always I end up spending more time with it than I intended…

I do hope to hear a MJ3 though. It really is a beast, like a Detroit muscle car. I’m not sure what that makes the Nitsch in a car analogy, definitely European. Maybe a Singer Porsche 911, or an Alfa?

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It’s an incredible amp, and one of the best I’ve heard as well! Of course, it’s not always a “better or worse” thing. This is very high on my list of amps that I would categorize as “not the best for me, but definitely can see how it’s the best for a lot of people.” I’m legitimately impressed every time I listen to it.

That’s incredibly kind of you; thank you. I feel this way about a lot of experienced folks on this forum myself. For example, I have deep respect for @GoldenSound’s knowledge and ear, but I also recognize that our preferences don’t overlap perfectly - which is totally fine - just have to build that in when I read his subjective reviews. It’s fun, because after a while, I can start to triangulate amongst reviewers, learning their preferences vs mine, and getting a sense for whether not a piece of gear may be in my wheelhouse (and sometimes that means realizing I won’t like something because a reviewer does like something… :laughing: )

I actually really like the Detroit muscle car analogy for the MJ3! Very powerful, raw, mechanical, but oh so fun because of it. For the Nitsch DSHA-3FN, what comes to mind for me is a Japanese sports car (Lexus RC F?). Well engineered, refined, reliable, powerful enough for its intended “driver”, but maybe just a touch (and I do mean a touch) too comfy. This is the perfect point, though, as many people love Lexus sports cars, so it’s literally just “what type of feel are you looking for?”. I personally want my jaws rattled a bit from time to time… :joy:


Giving my Pathos Aurium better power supply treatment. All hooked up and ready to go.


Those are very pretty @PaisleyUnderground! I tend to swap between Caldera and ACs as well. I don’t have the Utopias anymore, otherwise I’m sure they’d be in the regular rotation too! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Placed an order for a custom cable for my T+A Solitaire P from Hart Audio two weeks ago.
Parcel arrived today.

Great quality and the extended connectors are a perfect fit for the Solitaire P :smiley: :clap:t2:


Nebula. *20 characters

Picked up a beautiful audio headband for the D8KP. It’s really nice. Wasn’t expecting much but it’s legit

Kinda got bored and I’ve always thought of matching a keyboard to an amp. The DNA keyboard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Need to find some lighter gray caps but these will do for now. The blue came out pretty good and the vol knob is probably my favorite.
Not a ton of blue but I think it’s done tastefully. Oh and the space bar is being replaced. Have a matching gray one at work.
Just need the amp now lol.


Review soon… But I will say this is a pretty good Taron so far.




So shiny! I want! Too bad sold out everywhere. :cry: Any idea where to find?


Which one is the featured product here? :wink: :grin:

Those are very cool! Where did you get them BTW?

How much (more) were they than the standard ones?