What's in the box!

Oh wow, I really hope you get a positive resolution to this somehow. Best Wishes.

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Sorry to hear that! I have heard of this happening to others in the past and Zach definitely took care of them.

Here’s to hoping your VC get fixed soon!


I sent the VC out Zach is helping me out. No more sticking funny tubes in my amp. Anyways got these and I was hoping for my Eikon(used,) to show up but these did and I couldn’t wait here’s a pic


Nice, I have an Amperex 12au7 on the way too.

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I don’t have high-end gear but with my entry tube amps I always use a cheapo headphone when making any significant change (like a different tube).

99.999% of the time it’s just extra effort but that one time makes up for it.

I don’t mean to ding you after you got bit, you probably already decided to defend against this in the future.


I was going to build speaker box

A friend and I are seeing just how cheap good IEM’s can get. These are the first step on this journey.

I have to say, not disappointed at all!


Just a pair of Dekoni fuzzy Focal ear pads. They’ll turn my Clear into a gray and black 2-tone.


I just installed a pair of Dekoni Elite sheepskin on my Clears. Happy with the change.


I got Elite Velour partly because of @Resolve’s comparison. He liked them if only for their comfort over long sessions. I initially noticed that my factory pads had worn and flattened on the bottom, so the new ones have a different feel. The sound doesn’t seem much different (yet).


Having done the pad swapping thing myself I am still surprised at the differences that can be bestowed by a simple change. At the extremes it can really change a headphone. Big difference between the Uni and Verite pads on the VO for instance.

I have thought about trying some different pads for the Utopia but I like it how it is and will pay Focal its stupid price for new pads if needed.


This came in today and setting up for A/B testing later on tonight. Noticing subtle differences so far between it and the D90 just after trying a few songs on my lunch break. Really impressed so far with the build quality!

I have both devices grouped to the same zone in Roon so I will be able to A/B seamlessly with the input switch on the iCan and also plan on trying a few different options and filters built into the XSP.


Did you build it? Just asking

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Toy day

EML took 5 months they sent wrong tubes then today came right ones, but won’t hear them till I get the WA33EE back.
Ken Rad 6sn7 for my bhc
Replacement Solitaire P so far seems good but won’t know till WA33EE comes back.


Funny you should ask. I messed my first attempt up royally. Let’s just say there was smoke. But… I just finished this and will post lessons learned and if it works in the Vali mini thread


Is this Soltaire number 3 or 4? I feel like you have had these in and out a few times now in the last few months, or my eyes are deceiving me.

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Just on my head a few minutes. Got a good deal on them used, basically new. TT2 to iESL via balanced and they’re pretty impressive. I also have the SR-007MKII, so will be interesting to compare.


I’m also wondering.

But I think he got the Solitaire (flagship) and the Solitaire P (cheaper one) the first two times. I think this replacement is the 3rd time.

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Just took delivery of some more super rare NOS tubes, to use in my Rogue RH-5. :smiley:

The ultra rare first version of the Radio Technique of France 12au7wa (Military Version) Folded Plate Square Getter from the 50’s. This is not the latter common version that everyone has from Upscale Audio either.

These tubes look brand new, and have some cool Military stamps on them. Gonna be a fun roll, as I have never heard of these before!

Gonna be fun day off, giving these a listen, in my RH-5 (TOTL Hybrid).


What function are you using the tubes for? output tube?